t'works affiliate company location

t'works affiliate company location

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Legal & Financial

When it comes to legal content, t’works supports law and tax firms, notaries’ offices, courts and other government agencies, as well as corporate legal panels. From banks to private equity firms, t’works serves a wide array of high-profile financial institutions that require financial translation services. Being a major player in the legal and financial sectors, we recognise the need for a transparent partnership that delivers high levels of security, control, linguistic quality and cost efficiencies in a timely manner. With our own secure IT infrastructure and in-house specialist translators, we can ensure that sensitive legal and financial documents are handled and stored securely at all times.

Our Legal Translation Services

Legal documents
and certifications

Multilingual legal content is often highly complex and involves specialist legal terminology. T’works’ reputation for delivering outstanding translation quality, high customer satisfaction and consistent cost efficiencies is supported by the ecosystem we have built around legal content. This ecosystem includes account managers, in-house native specialist legal linguists, project managers, file engineers, and SMEs (subject matter experts – lawyers) used to dealing with the challenges of legal translation projects. This means that law firms and many corporate legal departments and general counsels trust us time and time again to localise their multilingual legal content.


The financial sector is becoming increasingly regulated. At the same time, digitalisation and globalisation pose major challenges for financial services providers. With these challenges comes the need to communicate globally, accurately and on-time while keeping costs under control. At t’works, we offer a robust financial translation solution by supporting our customers’ multilingual content, including digital marketing for web and mobile, financial reports, regulatory materials, and many other types of financial related content. By combining our people (in-house specialist financial linguists and dedicated project managers) with the right language technology and localisation workflows, we have created an ecosystem that helps our financial customers to communicate effortlessly across multiple markets and languages. Save

Legal translations

We translate

t’works has extensive expertise and experience in the field of translating specialist legal and financial texts, regardless of their size and field of law.

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Certificates, e.g. birth certificates and marriage certificates
  • Passports and other identity documents
  • Performance records, references, bank statements and documents relating to naturalisation or asylum procedures
  • Expert opinions (e.g. private, arbitration or court opinions)
  • Wills and powers of attorney
  • Land transfer deeds and rental agreements
  • Court judgments, subpoenas, written pleadings, court decisions, affidavits and certificates
  • Test reports and expert reports
  • Company agreements, minutes and resolutions
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Patent specifications and patent applications
  • Financing documents
  • Annual reports
  • Financial statements
  • Bankruptcy documents and records
  • GDPR documents (contract data processing, order processing contracts, checklists, documenting procedures, procedural instructions)