Is AI the solution your content needs?

Is AI the solution your content needs

Exploring the possibilities of generative AI in (multilingual) content creation. Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) continues to astound us. In January of this year when a speech in Spanish by the Argentinian president at the World Economic Forum in Davos was subsequently recreated in English, the world took note. In a video released shortly afterward and […]

The importance of language access

The importance of language access

Ensuring language access for everyone benefits our businesses and our communities Society is more diverse and more multicultural than ever before. We now live, study and work alongside people from different backgrounds and with transnational histories. Unlike a few decades ago, hearing many varied languages spoken on our streets and in our neighborhoods is commonplace. […]

Automation in translation processes – Part 1

Autonation in Translation Process

An overview of automation in the translation ecosystem and how human input is more essential than ever  Translation can be a complex undertaking. It can involve any type of text in any style and can be destined for many different purposes. Translation – simply meaning the transfer of spoken or written communication from one language […]

Is Artificial Intelligence about to replace human translators?

AI and translation

How the language industry is dealing with AI and large language models. Ever-shifting language In March 2023 the Oxford English Dictionary released an update. This included the addition to its pages of over 700 new words and phrases and meant terms like ‘deepfake’, ‘chonky’ and ‘groomzilla’ all became a part of the recognized English lexicon. […]

We translate your technical documentation. In any format. Into any language.

Technische Übersetzung_bei_t'works

Technical documentation is a special field in the world of translation. The topics are often highly complex and the terms very specific. If you don’t provide your documentation in your readers’ native languages, you risk not getting your message across. A potential customer will lose interest more quickly, or an employee operating a machine may […]

Advanced technical expertise for ŠKODA

CaseStudy Skoda

Case study Since 2017, ASI, one of the companies in the t’works Group, has been supporting ŠKODA with specialist technical knowledge. In focus: technical translations for the automotive industry  ŠKODA Austria is the official Austrian importer of vehicle and engine manufacturer ŠKODA Auto a.s., which was founded in 1895 by Václav Laurin and Václav Klement […]

A high level of technical and linguistic expertise for SCHINDLER

CaseStudy Schindler

t’works affiliate ASI has been supporting SCHINDLER since 1981 with its technical expertise and language skills. Main focus: technical documentation. Headquartered in Vienna, Schindler Fahrtreppen International GmbH is part of the Swiss-based Schindler Group and the global market leader in escalator manufacture. ASI has been providing language services to this company since 1981, successfully completing over 1,000 projects in specialised fields such as technical documentation, marketing and law.

BOSCH Smart Home: Smart products for your smart home

BoschSmartHome 1144x762

Case study The world is becoming more digital, inventions more innovative and everything around us smarter. So is our home. Does this sound familiar? A rainy and cold autumn working day is coming to an end and you are already looking forward to your cosy, warm home. But unfortunately, you turned off the heating when […]

Advanced technical expertise for the RANCILIO GROUP

CaseStudy Rancilio

Case study Since 2010, ASI, one of the companies in the t’works Group, has been supporting the RANCILIO GROUP with specialist language expertise, particularly for translations, quality assurance and project management. In focus: technical translations (guides and product descriptions)  RANCILIO GROUP is a manufacturer of espresso machines which was founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio […]

Interview with AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG

Case study AUMA has been developing and manufacturing electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years, and is now one of the leading international manufacturers in the industry. The energy industry, water management and petrochemical industry clients as well as users from a wide variety of manufacturing sectors worldwide rely on AUMA’s technologically sophisticated products. […]

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