More than 25 years of languages expertise. In-house team for multimedia localisation. SAP translation partner.

Text&form GmbH offers global companies holistic linguistic and technical solutions for their presence on the international markets. Our head office is located in Berlin, a city known the world over for its cultural diversity and innovative business environment. Since our foundation, we have been helping our customers optimise their communications and tap into global markets. We are proud to have made a name for ourselves as an SAP translation partner and experts in multimedia localisation and terminology management.

We have many years of experience in the industry and pay particular attention to linguistic precision, terminological consistency and compliance with deadlines. Our goals are to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction as well as nurturing long-term customer relationships that are based on partnership. We regularly put established processes to the test in the interests of making workflows as lean and efficient as possible – without compromising on quality or transparency. The respective partners – whether customers, suppliers or technology partners – are always included in all our optimisation processes.

Processes are not viewed in isolation, but in their overall context. text&form consolidates its know-how through strategic partnerships with manufacturers of linguistic-based tools as well as with industry associations and research institutions.

text&form is certified according to the international ISO 17100, ISO 9001 and ISO 18587 standards. Project management with dedicated contact persons, regular translators and scalable teams are anchored in our DNA.


Founded in 1996 in Berlin

text&form is a medium-sized service provider for technical translation, software and multimedia localization as well as multilingual information management. We have been working as a language services provider for renowned and exacting customers around the globe for almost 30 years and have one of the most respected and successful teams for SAP translation worldwide.

The founders of text&form had a vision to reinvent sophisticated language services for their business customers. The ambition to deliver uncompromising quality in the translation and project management work was as ambitious as it was inspiring. The concept became a complete success within a short time and the office in Berlin quickly became too small to contain this growing success. In 2005, an additional office was opened in Toronto, and in 2009, a multimedia department with a professional recording studio was also established. in 2010, text&form was named “SAP Translation Partner of the Year”, a highly-regarded award that the company received again in 2014 and 2015.

With its innovative ideas, strategic partnerships and forward thinking, text&form has long established itself as a thought leader in the ever-growing and changing language services industry. Numerous awards and a global customer base serve to highlight the fact that text&form has been able to achieve its goals with flying colours over the course of more than 25 years.

Since 2019, text&form has been a 100% affiliate of the t’works group with Henning Hinz and Benedikt Grimm as the group’s managing directors and Tino Hother as head of the Berlin office.


Our expertise
and specialist areas

Translations services and post-editing

For a wide range of languages and industries. We have perfected our workflows for translation processes and are able to integrate them in your workflows to ensure the smooth implementation and on-time completion of your projects.

Machine translation (MT)

A hybrid workflow with the use of MT allows for the efficient processing of large volumes of text without you having to compromise on the translation quality. We decide together to what extent AI and machine learning makes sense in your translation projects.

Terminology management

Consistent terminology is the key to successful global communications in many industries. Our terminology management team ensures that your brand message remains coherent in every language.

SAP translations

text&form specialises in the translation and localization of SAP software, documentation and marketing materials. We can help your company to introduce SAP products worldwide and to increase your global reach.

Multimedia localisation

Marketing videos, webinars, screencasts, e-learnings. Subtitling, professional voice-overs, artificial voice or realistic avatars. We localise all types of multimedia content, carry out your requests cost-effectively and quickly, and keep pace with the rapid technological developments in this field.

Language technology

Our experts develop solutions for the automation of translation processes and to improve your efficiency.

The people behind text&form

text&form – a strong team. Bright, creative minds from a variety of different nationalities and ages who work day after day with enthusiasm and energy to find the best translation solutions for our customers. We sometimes even take unconventional paths to achieve our goals – and we always give our best. After all, we aren’t satisfied unless you are.

tworks team 0001 TuF Tino Hother HEAD OF BUSINESS OPERATIONS
Tino Hother
Head of Business Operations
tworks team 0012 TuF Jana Braune Vendror Management
Jana Braune
Office and Vendor Manager
tworks team 0024 TuF AMELIE NICKLAUS Senior Project Manager
Amélie Nicklaus
Team Lead Project Management
Bellissimo Silvia web
Silvia Bellissimo
Project Manager
Sebastian Binarsch PM 1 600x600 1
Sebastian Binarsch
Senior Project Manager
Roberta Cellammare PM
Roberta Cellammare
Project Manager
tworks mitarbeiter Bernhard Ehnis
Bernhard Ehnis
Project Manager
tworks team 0014 TuF Ines Trafara Project Manager
Ines Trafara
Project Manager
IMG 1744 sw
Johanna Utsch
Project Manager
tworks team 0016 TuF Estrella Velasco Servert Senior Project Manager
Estrella Velasco-Servert
Senior Project Manager
Lazar Marija SAP Lead
Dr. Marija Lazar
Team Lead SAP Project Management
tworks team 0011 TuF Jenny Fincke Account Manager SAP Notes
Jenny Fincke
Account Manager SAP Notes
tworks team 0008 TuF Michaela Grund Project Manager
Michaela Grund
Project Manager SAP Translation
tworks team 0021 TuF Daniel Nad Project Manager
Daniel Nad
Project Manager SAP Translation & Machine Translation
tworks team
Judith Wenig
SAP Translation Expert
tworks mitarbeiter Andrea Rosenberger
Andrea Rosenberger
Head of Multimedia Localization
Aleksandra Kosla Scharinger PM Multimedia Lokalisierung 600x600 1
Aleksandra Kosla-Scharinger
Project Manager Multimedia Localization
tworks team 0015 TuF Felix Sperandio Print Media Engineer
Felix Sperandio
Print & Media Engineer
Juergen Waurisch Project Manager 600x600 1
Jürgen Waurisch
Project Manager Multimedia Localization

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Managing Directors
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