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Technical translations – ISO certified

Do you intend to sell your first-class products worldwide? The user manual in the language of the target country is part of the product. Hundreds of successful companies from the mechanical & plant engineering, automotive, transport & railway technology, and automation & robotics sectors entrust the translation of their documentation to the experienced translators, reviewers and project managers at t’works. We analyse your data, develop the ideal workflow, create or extend your company-specific terminology and establish a solid, long-term basis for producing your foreign-language documentation.

t’works perfectly combines performance and capacity with flexibility and cost efficiency by developing and continuously improving scalable production structures and translation workflows.

As a result, we can offer our customers personalised solutions at all times which are tailored precisely to their needs.

Frequently requested
documents and formats

In addition to specialist translations, we support you in defining, managing and updating the terminology specific to your company and products.

  • Technical documentation and user manuals
  • Operating instructions, instruction manuals and instructions for use
  • Data sheets, catalogues and product descriptions
  • Reports, requirement and functional specifications
  • Quality management documentation and workflow plans
  • Safety data sheets
  • Functional instructions and maintenance instructions
  • Test and diagnostic reports and diagnostic systems
  • Technical reports and service descriptions
  • Spare parts catalogues and electronic databases
  • Electrical circuit diagrams, hydraulic and pneumatic diagrams
  • Maintenance manuals, locomotive driver’s manuals
  • Training documents and information
  • Product brochures and information

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We translate your technical documentation. In any format. Into any language.

Advanced technical expertise for ŠKODA

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