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for HR departments and your personnel department

In a world where companies are global and teams are working remotely from different corners of the globe, HR departments face the challenge of overcoming barriers to communication. At t’works, we understand that efficient and accurate translations are more than just a convenience for HR and personnel departments – they are a necessity.

Customised solutions for HR departments

From recruiting to daily interaction with employees and administrative tasks – our specialised translation and interpretation services help you expand your global reach and promote an inclusive work environment. We offer customised solutions for a variety of daily HR tasks, such as:

  • Job descriptions
  • Automated translation workflows for job sites
  • Application documents, employment contracts and employee agreements
  • Employee information and HR documents
  • Employee magazines for employee retention
  • Travel documents, diplomas, certificates
  • Driving licences and other personal documents
  • Further education and training documents
  • Presentations and processes for multilingual SharePoint content

Correct in terms of content, legally binding and GDPR-compliant

Our translators and interpreters are not only linguistically proficient, but also have in-depth knowledge in areas relevant to HR. This ensures that every translation is not only linguistically accurate, but also correct in terms of content and legally binding. For official documents such as diplomas, certificates and driving licences, we work exclusively with publicly appointed and sworn translators to ensure official recognition. We are used to handling sensitive personal data. Our server-based translation management is appropriately secure and data is exchanged in encrypted form on our https-protected customer portal.

Use of modern and AI-assisted translation technologies

Professional translation management supported by technologies such as TMS (translation management system) and AI enables efficient and streamlined translation processes by, for example, reusing previously translated content to ensure high consistency and terminological accuracy. This reduces translation costs and enables invaluable on the fly updates for job descriptions and employment contracts, but also training documents and presentations, which are often required in HR. Communication across global organisations is significantly standardised and streamlined.

Fast, reliable and globally connected

We know that swift action is often required in the HR sector. Our processes are designed to provide you with fast solutions without compromising on quality. With around 60 in-house translators we cover the core languages and a global network of professional translators allows us to cover less common languages so you can be sure that you are properly understood everywhere.

Remote interpreting for job interviews, employee reviews or works council meetings

Our remote interpreting service allows you to reach and hire talent from around the world without worrying about language barriers. This gives you access to a global talent pool and helps you find the best candidates for your team. In employee reviews but also works council meetings, we ensure that you, your employees and colleagues can communicate clearly and effectively, regardless of the language.

Overcoming language barriers
and reaching employees in their own language

Whether it’s a works council meeting, further education or team building – it is essential that every employee is fully involved, regardless of their location or their native language. Our interpreting services (on site or remote), subtitling and, of course, translation of documentation for online conferences ensure that critical information, policy changes, training content and company-wide announcements are translated in real time to keep team members informed and engaged. This inclusion not only strengthens the team spirit, but also promotes an open and transparent corporate culture.

We write suitable content for you

In the field of HR, content creation and writing play a critical role in fostering a positive and appealing image of the company to reach and motivate both potential and existing employees. You can strengthen your brand and promote an inclusive and respectful business community with tailored content that emphasises your corporate culture, career opportunities and employee benefits. Effective content in this area not only serves as a promotional tool for the company, but also supports recruitment and retention by delivering a clear, engaging and motivating message.

Move into a global communicative future with t’works

Don’t let language barriers hinder your global HR efforts. With t’works, you have a reliable partner by your side who supports you in all aspects of international employee communication and management. Contact us today to find out how we can take your HR department to the next level. Our commitment to quality, speed and reliability makes us the ideal partner for your HR language management requirements.


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