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Our services for language engineering, workflows and automation

Automate your translation workflows

Automation is an important part of optimising workflows. Our language engineering service can help you identify unnecessary manual steps in your workflow and show you how these can be optimised through automated processes. We offer tailor-made solutions for process automation and assist you in optimising throughput times and costs.

Improve your time to market thanks to seamless data transfer

Our connectors are a “hot wire” to your CMS or editorial system, which allows for the automatic transfer of the content to be translated to us and for its delivery back to your system after translation. Gone are the days when content had to be painstakingly manually collated, copied and sent by email or upload.

Take advantage of our process audit and our consulting and training services

Our team will analyse your workflows, setup and resources and makes suggestions for further optimisation. We also offer customised online and on-site training courses in the areas of translation, terminology management and localisation technology.

COTI packages

An automated process for content creation, transfer to translation management, the reimporting of translated content to publication in all requested languages.

What are the advantages of integration?

  • Automated request for a quote and order placement with translation management
  • Eliminates the need for manual steps in your workflow and ensures secure data exchange using a hot folder
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Jira software

We automate the translation process for content used in Jira.

What are the advantages of integration?

  • As few manual work steps as possible during the entire translation process
  • Automated exchange of the content to be translated
  • Reduction of human errors in manual processes
    And shorter throughput times
  • Submit questions during translation with just a few
    clicks directly from the interface you are currently working on
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With the WPML-Plugin®, WordPress administrators and content managers have a tool at hand that allows them to easily create and manage multilingual websites.

What are the advantages of integration?

  • The plugin supports 65 languages and makes it possible to manage a multilingual website with a single WordPress installation.
  • Less common language variants can be added using the WPML language editor.
  • WPML can be used to translate not only posts and pages, but also custom fields, widgets, menus, images, taxonomy, media and even texts in your website’s admin area.
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Adobe Experience Manager

This integration allows users to initiate and manage the translation of assets directly from AEM, through the same interface they use for their day-to-day asset management activities.

What are the advantages of integration?

  • The ability to create a translation project for any asset or page without leaving AEM or having to worry about file formats and conversions.
  • Translation jobs can be created in such a way that predefined project templates are used for the translation and the job is transferred to our translation environment with just a few clicks.
  • Minimise the time and resources you spend managing localisation projects – you no longer need to keep track of files, project participants, languages and project status.
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We use the Localization Manager® (l10nmgr) as a plug-in to localise websites created with TYPO3, which supports a variety of workflows.

What are the advantages of integration?

  • TYPO3 content is often translated manually using copy & paste.
  • The translator needs access to the TYPO3 backend, knowledge of TYPO3 and gets no support from professional translation tools. It is not possible to check spellings, there is a lack of consistency and there is no option to reuse previously translated content, which unfortunately means an inefficient translation process for you, the translator, the language service provider and the TYPO3 administrators.
  • Our translation workflow combined with the L10N connector enables the use of professional translation tools, makes the localisation process user-friendly and allows translators to work in their familiar environment with a translation memory, terminology database and final QA checks.
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