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At t’works, we offer top-tier translation services powered by cutting-edge neural machine translation technology.
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Combined with our professional MT Post Editing Services (ISO 18587 certified) performed by our specialist linguists, you will achieve best results in terms of quality and cost.

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Overview of Machine Translation Services

Machine Translation

Your translations will be performed with the help of high- quality neural machine translation in a secure environment. Our generic NMT engines offer a broad range of language pairs. The tʼworks owned engines ensure that your content is always fully controlled, and your data protected. Based on the generic engines a variety of services can be offered to enrich your content and to improve its quality according to your needs.

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Domain Specific
Machine Translation

Using domain specific engines in AI-supported translation projects improves the relevance of your output towards the target audience and reduces the project time. Domain specific machine translation is especially helpful in the absence of translation memories, offering high-quality output and fast turnaround times.

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Machine Translation

We use your companiesʼ dedicated terminology to ensure the highest fit of your translation to your tone of voice. Based on a curated set of terms or glossaries, the translations will be consistent with your brand and history. You can select and update the terminology used at any point of time. This is the most cost-efficient way to adapt your translations to your needs.

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Fully Customised
Machine Translation

For highest quality and speed, we use NMT engines trained with your historic data for your translations. Using your existing translation memories and terminology significantly improves the quality of your translation and speeds up the process.

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Hybrid translation workflow

We integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the familiar TMS environment. This allows for the perfect interaction between machine translation (MT), translation memories (TM) and term databases. This not only supports translators with their work, but also reduces the costs and effort associated with post-editing (PE) in the medium term.

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  • We integrate MT into the familiar CAT environment. This allows for the perfect interaction between MT, translation memories and term databases. This not only supports the translator with their work, but also reduces the costs and effort associated with post-editing.
  • To create the best translation result, however, it is essential that the source text is prepared beforehand and that full post-editing, which corresponds to the principle of dual control, is carried out.
  • There isn’t one single answer to this question. Texts tend to be more or less suited to MT, though.
  • Based on our experience to date, texts from the fields of e-commerce, social media and internal communications are well-suited. Texts from the fields of technical documentation, software, human resources and legal texts can also be translated using MT.
  • The source text must be prepared for translation to achieve the best possible MT results.
  • Our MT standard is the use of MT in combination with full-post editing, resulting in a level of quality equivalent to a human translation.
  • MT combined with light-post editing is a possible solution if, for example, the translation is only required for internal purposes or for fast-moving documents with lesser requirements when it comes to quality.
  • The protection of your data is always our top priority. As a company based in Germany, we comply with the European Union’s strict data protection regulations in all our activities.
  • We currently offer over 30 language combinations and many more in the post-editing stage.
  • We offer translations using MT and a specially-designed price model.

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