Creating multilingual content

More than just translation: How t’works creates content specifically for international target groups

You or your company probably create marketing content for your website, digital communication materials, technical content or graphics and need it in more than one language. Do you lack the resources to localise these types of materials? We have access to a perfect network of native-speaking professionals who can provide you with straightforward assistance in the relevant area. Whether the content is technical, journalistic, marketing or educational: we guarantee top quality and pleasing results.

We are also happy to assist you with editorial planning and to create text and graphic content in dozens of languages.

Our strength is creating and editing multilingual content for your target markets

Regardless of how extensive the content is you want to have localised: our project managers are experienced marketing professionals who are well versed in a variety of content types and their specific requirements.


They develop a strategy for you based entirely on your needs, which is suitable for your brand, your target market and your communication objectives. We carefully select employees based on their expertise and writing style. They complete their work in accordance with your editorial guidelines for each of the languages and cultures on the international markets where you operate.


Writing online content is right up our street. If a regular stream of content and sustained audience building is what you need, an SEO-optimised approach by our experienced experts will help you achieve your goals. If you already have translated content, our language experts can also provide editorial services.

A combination of translation, localisation and creativity

It is already quite an achievement to come up with witty formulations in your own native language, but to achieve the same result with a similar effect in a foreign language is something else altogether.


Depending on the language and culture, transcreation requires some degree of detachment from the source text. Readability and tone are more important than conveying the same message in the target language. The transcribed content should express the same feelings as in the original language. We are the number one place to go to for transcreations of creative marketing content which is to be disseminated in new foreign markets.

Multilingual graphic design and adaptation to international markets

Different countries, different customs! Apart from the language, adaptation for foreign markets may also involve changing the layout, graphic style, typesetting, and even illustrations in your communication materials.


This can prove to be very difficult considering that some languages, such as Arabic, are written and read from right to left. Or that sentences in languages like Spanish take up about 25% more space than the same content in English. Our craft is to match your graphic design to your desired layout and to the reading style and typographic norms for your target audience. Important graphics programs that you or your team probably also use, such as Quark Xpress, InDesign or PageMaker, Photoshop and Illustrator, are part of our graphic designers’ standard repertoire. You can trust that we will carefully tailor your graphic content to your target country and audience.

Adapting your communication in terms of tone and style

The key to a consistent corporate identity, even on international markets, is style guidelines to be followed by all editors, translators and graphic designers.


These kinds of style guides for translations specify the grammar, syntax, tone and style to be used to present the company or product in a way which is appropriate for the target audience. An international graphic identity guide also identifies the visual adjustments that need to be made to meet the users’ needs and the target market’s expectations.


We at t’works help you define your international branding in words and images so your customers and users can identify with your company’s voice and images.


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