At home in the world of languages for over 75 years.

Our DNA is Technology, SMEs, hidden champions and international tech corporations.

We are a modern language services provider based in Schweinfurt. For more than 75 years, we haven’t only been translating into 50 languages, we’ve also been providing an holistic translation management service: specialist translations, localisation, marketing, transcreation, machine translation, foreign language layout/DTP, glossary/terminology management and in-country reviews, i.e. coordination processes with proofreaders and national subsidiaries.

We are managed as an SME and are an affiliate of the t’works Group. Technology is in our DNA, and our translation services include technical documentation, specialist texts, multilingual websites, contracts, patents as well as marketing documents.

We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587. Face-to-team project management with a dedicated contact person, regular translators for customers and scalable teams are part of our DNA. Our translation management is TMS-supported (memoQ, SDL Studio, …) through our browser-based customer portal – the interface with the customer for enquiries, quotes and tracking projects.


1946 – founded in Schweinfurt by Hanns Enssner

EnssnerZeitgeist Translations GmbH is a language services provider that has been active as a translation agency for SMEs, industry, trade, service providers and public authorities for over 75 years. Hanns Enssner (Dipl.-Ing./England) founded the Enssner translation service in Schweinfurt in 1946.

Due to the company’s proximity to the industry located in Schweinfurt, its focus on technical and scientific translation was already given at a very early stage – over the course of time and with the help of a steadily growing number of translators for all main languages of communication. When the demand for Eastern European languages increased massively at the beginning of the 1990s, the range of services was expanded to include prepress and foreign language typesetting and an in-house graphics department was set up. 1996 – Christian Enssner (Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing./FH) is the third generation to manage the company, merging it with Zeitgeist Marketing und Beratung GmbH to form EnssnerZeitgeist Translations GmbH. The business areas were expanded to include multilingual technical documentation and advertising.

In 2006, EnssnerZeitgeist was one of the first language services providers to be certified according to ISO 9001. Together with Office Manager Kevin Singh, a branch office for DTP and Language Engineering was opened in Chandigarh/India in 2007. Since 2018, EnssnerZeitgeist is a wholly-owned affiliate of the t’works Group with Christian Enssner as Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Group.


Our expertise
and specialist areas


Approximately 70 in-house linguists and more than 3,000 translators worldwide work for us in over 50 languages. Translators, proofreaders and editors are selected according to their specialist area, knowledge and experience.

Glossary/terminology management

Extracting, managing and updating multilingual terminology and glossaries enables more consistent, faster and ultimately cheaper translations.

Machine translation

The hybrid interaction between NMT (neural machine translation), translation memories, term databases and post editing enables the best translation results. This reduces costs and the workload.

Attested (certified) translation

We are an approved and certified company that has been translating the following official documents in Schweinfurt for over 70 years: official documents, certificates, diplomas, contracts, driving licences, attestations, medical certificates and much more. Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100.

Foreign language layout/DTP

Foreign language layout in our own in-house graphics department. Corporate design guidelines, proofs, characters, formats and text length are taken into account.

Customer portal & project management

Our centralised online platform for complete project management, with dedicated points of contact and scalable teams. The easiest way to submit requests or orders, track projects and securely upload and download project files.

The EnssnerZeitgeist team

Our team currently consists of ten people who work in translation management in Schweinfurt. Our professional backgrounds range from trained office clerks to translators and graduate engineers. A good half of the team is around 35 years old. The average length of service is seven years.

Martina Cecino
Customer Success Director
tworks mitarbeiter Lisa Fusi
Lisa Fusi
Customer Success Manager
tworks team 0035 EZ Carola Rottmann OperativeLeitung
Carola Rottmann
Office Manager
tworks team 0026 EZ Tina Bayer LanguageToolsWorkflows
Tina Bayer
Senior Project Manager and Language Engineering
tworks mitarbeiter Thomas Fischer
Thomas Fischer
Project Manager
Maria Flores
Maria Flores-Martin
Project Manager
tworks mitarbeiter Sophia Fritscher
Sophia Fritscher
Project Manager
tworks mitarbeiter
Alexandra Kuhn
Project Manager
tworks team 0030 EZ Katja Sabelfeld KnowledgeBase
Katja Sabelfeld
Senior Project Manager and Knowledge Base (Parental leave)
tworks team 0027 EZ Sebastian Schebler NMT
Sebastian Schebler
Senior Project Manager and Machine Translation (MT)
tworks team 0029 EZ Linda Sidera Administations Backoffice
Linda Sidera
Accounting & Backoffice
tworks team 0031 EZ Karin Koepke QMB
Karin Köpke
Senior Project Manager und Qualitätsmanagement

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