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Multimedia localisation

As a cutting-edge company, you have made the leap into the multimedia age! In addition to traditional formats such as manuals and brochures, you also use videos, e-learning content and podcasts to attract attention, convey content and inform your customers. Our experienced multimedia team will be happy to assist you in localising audiovisual and interactive content into the target languages you want. We work with professional voice actors in our own recording studio and cooperate with established partners all over the world.

Frequently requested
documents and formats

Numerous prominent customers rely on our experience, technical expertise and necessary intuition for multimedia localisation.

  • Spoken audio sequences
  • Text and graphic inserts in films and training videos
  • Product demos
  • Interactive training software
  • Interviews
  • Image films
  • E-learning
  • Voiceover recording
  • On-screen text display

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