Terminology management

Corporate language: How t’works helps you manage terminology professionally

Knowledge consists of words. Your company consists of products, processes and people that are described in a unique way by your specific terminology, your corporate language. Your corporate language is part of your corporate identity, and deserves to be created, managed and delivered using professional methods and tools. At t’works, editors, translators, terminologists, linguists and developers work together to quickly professionalise your corporate language. We have developed best-of-breed tools and methods to do this. We use linguistic technologies to capture the relevant specialist terminology (“termcasting”) in the shortest possible time, which we can make available in our server-based terminology management system on request. In all the required languages, of course. So that the whole world can understand what it’s all about: your products!

The strategy that your
competition probably does not know about

Our white paper explains what terminology is, how terminology management can benefit your company, and why it makes both financial and practical sense. We show how terminology works in everyday life and how terminology coordination in a commercial environment adds value at all levels.


We aim to demystify how terminology management is implemented in practice and show how a planned strategy that combines cutting-edge technology with expert human input neatly frames the process. We look at how terminology software helps human linguists and terminologists streamline and speed up their work, and where your company’s stakeholders fit in.

tw:term – our browser-based t’works terminology manager

We extract, manage and maintain multilingual terminology and glossaries that are used consistently in translations and inside the company. These include technical terms, definitions and proper names specific to the industry and company. Terminology databases make subsequent translations more consistent, faster and ultimately cheaper too.

Our ez:term and tw-term online terminology solutions developed in-house support this in the company’s own intranet or on the internet.

Find out more about tw:term here!


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