Austria Sprachendienst International. A successful language services company in Austria for 50 years.

ASI primarily serves prominent corporate and agency clients in multilingual corporate communications. As the public face of one of the few language services agencies, our project managers are also responsible for quality assurance at our Vienna head office and are therefore not only professional points of contact for project planning and implementation, but also for language consulting and text quality.

As an affiliate of the t’works Group, our range of services primarily includes translations into and out of the global economy’s most common languages in the areas of internal and external corporate communications, PR/advertising/marketing and investor relations/finance, HR and legal.

In addition, we would welcome an opportunity to impress you with the following services: Texts for staff magazines, newsletters, folders and brochures; editing and reviewing/proofreading of your publications; creating style and gender guides; advice on implementing publications; terminology management; interpreting at supervisory board meetings, congresses and other high-profile events; the use of NMT – the latest translation tools.


Founded in 1973 as a branch of a London-based translation agency

The Austria Language Service was founded in 1975, under the leadership of Sylvia-Anita Gratz. Since then, language service provider in Vienna has developed into a successful company with a network of translators, copy-editors and interpreters. A project management team with translation experience is recruited to meet the ever-increasing demand for professional advice and quality assurance.

The family business impresses through quality and expertise and becomes Austria Sprachendienst International (ASI). In the 1990s, extensive projects from well-known multinational corporations followed, such as Frantschach (Mondi today) and OMV, who are still among the long-standing regular customers today. ASI developed the concept of media translation for multilingual corporate communications to meet the high standards for these types of texts. Certification for the ISO 17100 standard for flawless translation services reinforces the team’s dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

In 2010, David Faffelberger takes over the operational management of the company and the core competency in the area of multilingual corporate communications is given an even higher profile. After the reorganization into ASI GmbH in 2013, a period of sustained growth follows – image-driven corporate texts such as annual reports, employee magazines and much more, accentuate the high quality ASI GmbH delivers.
Since 2020, ASI has been part of the European t’works Group of language service providers. With outstanding linguistic expertise, intelligent project management and half a century of experience, ASI continues to contribute to the success of international companies.


Our expertise
and specialist areas


Rely on ASI’s expertise in your global corporate communications. We translate your texts carefully into the language you want. Our translators (native speakers) ensure that your messages are put across. The revision by a second person and our in-house specialists ensure a high quality standard.

Copy-editing and proofreading

Our professional copy-editors and PR experts will perfect your business texts. They do not only correct formal errors, but also rework the texts to suit your content and style criteria. Do you need your text to be professionally proofread? Then play it safe with our proofreading services. We correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Our pre-print proofreading services directly in the layout guarantee that your publications do not contain any errors before they are printed.

Corporate language and terminology management

A uniform corporate identity in all languages – sharpens any company’s profile. Which language style suits your corporate values? How do you communicate gender-sensitively in ten or more languages? Our language professionals will advise you on all the important issues and support you in implementing these throughout your company. Multilingual terminology databases make more consistent, faster and ultimately cheaper translations possible.


From the format to the language and the style, the business texts ASI produces are as distinctive as your company. Take advantage of our language expertise, whether it’s in copywriting or creating slogans and claims in any language.

Machine translation

The hybrid interaction between NMT (neural machine translation), translation memories, term databases and post editing enables the best translation results. This reduces costs and the workload.

Interpreting services

Are you planning an international summit, a press conference or a board meeting? Our professional interpreting and organization team will provide you with expert advice and guarantee perfect implementation, from both a linguistic and a technical perspective. You’re in the best hands with ASI.

The ASI team

The in-house team in Vienna is the very heart of ASI. We are trained language experts and work closely with our partners in all languages, ensuring high quality.

Mischa Mikolasek – Senior Project and QA Manager
Mischa Mikolasek
Business Director
Nina Bartl
Project and QA Manager
Inna Kyselova – Senior Project and QA Manager
Inna Brambor
Senior Project and QA Manager
Ilaria Butterini – Project and QA Manager
Ilaria Butterini
Senior Project and QA Manager
Ida Malizani
Ida Malizani
Financial Assistant
Bettina Marschler tworks
Bettina Marschler-Vock
Project and QA Manager
Sara Novati
Project and QA Manager
AleksandraZaitceva ASI
Aleksandra Zaitceva
Project and QA Manager

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