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Since 2019, ASI, one of the companies in the t’works Group, has been supporting PAPPERLAPAPP’s interaction with its customers – with its literary translations, the bilingual picture book magazine for children is a favourite read. 

PAPPERLAPAPP stands for excitement, imagination and, above all else, a vivid form of language. The bilingual children’s magazine is often read to children by adults, but also encourages children to take their first steps as readers, and gives each child the confidence to dive into the world of books. 

A variety of language combinations are made available in cooperation with ASI. Being able to learn a foreign language for the first time in combination with your mother tongue is an important milestone in becoming multilingual.  

Stories and much more

Each magazine usually features two main stories, a comic, a hidden object game, brainteasers and a craft activity. 

Recognised authors cover interesting topics and content, while illustrators provide entertaining, creative and talking pictures. 

Reading, joining in, handicraft: with its professional literary translators, ASI creates a colourful world for our children, who experience the joy of language for the first time.  

Language meets language: A combination of play, fun and language

Each edition of PAPPERLAPAPP supports early-years language development. With their high-quality translations from ASI, the magazines can be used at home, at kindergarten and at primary school. It is possible to read each story first in the mother tongue. This means another language can be learned in the new environment in a way which is fun. A valuable educational tool, it creates a sense of trust with a double impact.

At a glance

  • Customer: PAPPERLAPAPP  
  • Period: since 2019 
  • Language combination: German-Albanian, German-Arabic, German-Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, German-Polish, German-Romanian, German-Chechen, German-Turkish as well as German-English, German-Italian, German-Luxembourgish, German-Portuguese, French-Finnish  
  • Services: Translation, editing, final proofreading
  • Text types: Children’s magazine  
  • More information: 

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