t’works Customer Portal

Keep full control
of your multilingual projects

To make it easier for our customers to keep an eye on their translation projects, t’works has set up a state-of-the-art online customer portal to manage translations conveniently and effortlessly – saving our customers time and money. The easiest way to submit requests or orders and track projects. 


t’works Customer Portal

Are you already using our portal?

Not yet? Then register as soon as possible and save money! As a thank you: 10% instant discount on your (next) first translation through our portal. Instead of using email and Excel, you can control the entire translation management process conveniently and quickly through our portal.

Our centralised online platform for complete project management. The easiest way to submit requests and track projects. Our web-based customer portal is based on Plunet BusinessManager. Casually speed up your business processes with great ease thanks to smart automation in translation management.

As a customer, you submit a translation request via our customer portal: you upload the source files and provide us with all the relevant information and requirements for the requested translation project here. Everything in one place and off you go.

Your stored price lists are linked to the CAT analyses and the correct prices are calculated automatically. As a result, you receive a suitable quote or order confirmation straight away.

Using customer-specific workflows, we not only control the translation process but also, for example, layout/DTP, terminology and translation approval by local companies and the customer’s review process.

Automated data exchange between customer CMS and customer portal

Using the EventManager module, enquiries, quotes or orders can be created automatically from incoming packages in the customer portal. A package is a zipped file containing the files to be translated in a translation project. It also contains an XML control file with meta information about the project. The packages can be accessed from folders in the local network or FTP servers. They can also be sent from a CMS system. EventManager searches for new incoming packages every 15 minutes.

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