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Website & SEO localisation – placing your web content on the target language market.

Websites are now the showcase for every company. An accurate translation of your website is therefore essential for your presence on a new market. But what use is a perfect translation if it cannot be found due to bad keywords? At t’works, we support you with localising your website for the target language market. Our SEO experts ensure that keywords relevant to the market are found in the target language to raise the profile of your website and hence your company. Our experienced project managers and SEO specialists will help you find the right strategy and solution for placing your web content on the target language market.

Your partner for automated CMS translation –
fast, reliable and cost-efficient

A whole website or an uploaded article can be approved for translation into the required target languages using automated CMS translation. The prerequisite is a content management system that has the appropriate XML or XLIFF interfaces (e.g. Typo3, WordPress, Magento). Translation packages created in the COTI standard can also be processed without any problems (COTI = COmmon Translation Interface).


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