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E-learning localisation

You already know: you have to learn new things your whole life, and you certainly don’t stop learning once your training or studies are over. At the same time, the need to provide customers, partners and employees with better and more targeted information about your own products and processes has also become much greater in recent years. Global companies like yours have recognised this and invested in specific learning management systems. But let’s be honest: who actually thinks about how their training materials could be made available in French, Italian or Chinese at a later date when they purchase an e-learning system? At t’works, we do, every day. Our specialists can see at a glance what obstacles and pitfalls are lurking in the localisation of your e-learning content and how they can best be avoided. After all, that’s what we do each day: ensure that your customers, employees and partners around the world are provided with better and more targeted information about your products and processes. In the language they understand best: their own.

What’s important

Adapting software to new target markets is a combination of the most diverse processes:

  • Analysing source data and preparing quotes
  • Translation, review and engineering
  • Localising graphics, scripts or other media
  • Linguistic review of all components
  • Functional testing

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