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Translating construction engineering documents is in our DNA. Our customers are the construction industry, primarily planning firms and building authorities.

Welcome to Veith Translation

With over 25 years of experience translating for the construction industry, we have the linguistic and subject-specific expertise to translate your documents accurately and on time.

In addition to translating general correspondence (minutes, memos, etc.), we specialise in the following areas:

  • Explanatory reports, construction descriptions
  • Cost estimates/calculations
  • Service specifications for (“AFU-Bau” – 95% and 2nd “AFU-Bau” – 100%) in GAEB format
  • Follow-up proposals
  • Comments
  • Expert opinions (subsoil, fire protection, sound insulation, etc.)
  • Guidelines and standards

Founded in 1996 in Hassfurt

Over 25 years ago, Gerhard Veith decided to set up his own translation business for the construction and real estate industry. At the time, he was a project manager in a large international planning firm and, as a trained civil engineer, had to deal with translations on an almost daily basis.

The Veith translation agency was thus founded in 1996, which proved to be the right decision. Gerhard Veith continues to support our translators with his professional expertise. Veith Translation has been an affiliate of the t’works Group since January 2023 and is based in Hassfurt, very close to our office in Schweinfurt. All customers benefit from the expertise of the Veith team and the range of services offered by the t’works Group.


Our expertise
and specialist areas

Construction engineering translations

The main focus of our translations is on service specifications, as well as addenda and correspondence for construction projects for visiting armed forces, with an average volume of 3,000 pages per project. We also translate numerous subsoil reports, landscape conservation plans, pollutant reports and similar technical documents.

Specific construction terminology

In addition to maintaining our own and customer-specific term databases, we use a large number of specialist dictionaries, here is a brief selection: Dictionary of Industrial Electrical Engineering, Energy and Automation Technology, Dictionary of Foreign Projects (Vieweg), Dictionary of Industrial Technology (Brandstetter Verlag), Dictionary of Geotechnical Engineering (Springer), Dictionary of Legal and Business Language (C.H. Beck), Dictionary of Technical Medicine (Springer) as well as internal office dictionaries from the construction industry.

Core languages, volume and delivery dates

Our main languages are German and English and we support our clients in all aspects of translation management relating to the planning, approval and construction of buildings and real estate. We translate service specifications of up to 1,000 pages within one week. Depending on the volume, we produce construction engineering translations for construction measures from visiting armed forces within one week. We need 48 hours at the most for correspondence.

Translation technology and IT

Our IT landscape is protected against unauthorised access and is state of the art (secure firewall and HTTPS encryption). The software and applications used are regularly maintained and updated accordingly. We ensure maximum consistency by using a professional translation environment with TMS. We ensure that the correct terminology is used with the help of internal construction engineering termbases.

U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers District Europe

t works veith 600x139 1

  • State construction departments
  • State building authorities
  • Planning firms


(U.S. Army planning contract)

  • Correspondence
  • Description of the planning scope

Kick-off meeting

(planning start meeting)

  • Standards, NFPA,
  • Planning guidelines
  • Expert opinions – explanatory reports
  • Cost calculation

Pre-concept design

(KVM construction)

  • Test comments
  • Explanatory reports
  • Cost calculation

Concept design

(HU construction)

  • Test comments
  • Plan translations
  • Service specifications

Final design

(AFU construction)

  • Test comments
  • Incorporating changes into service specifications

Corrected final design

(corrected AFU construction)

  • Correspondence
  • Minutes
  • Building entrance meetings


(U.S. Army service contract)

  • Follow-ups
  • Construction meeting minutes



Project management for construction engineering translations in international construction projects or for cooperations with the US Army requires careful and comprehensive planning. It is necessary to identify the different interfaces and document types in order to ensure efficient translation processes. In addition, the different volumes and time frames must be taken into account in order to ensure that the translations are completed on time and to a high quality standard. Professional translation management is therefore crucial to ensure that such projects run smoothly and to minimise potential risks.

The Veith Translation team

Our team consists of experienced, qualified translators, some of whom have more than 10 years’ professional experience. There are currently ten of us working in the team in Hassfurt: 8 linguists and translators, a construction engineer and an employee with business training.

tworks mitarbeiter Sarah Kennedy
Sarah Kennedy
Project Manager
tworks mitarbeiter Petra Kiener
Petra Kiener
Client Manager

Our references


State Construction Department Stuttgart


Landesbetrieb Bau und Immobilien Hessen (LBIH)
West Branch; Wiesbaden


State building authority Amberg-Sulzbach
State building authority Nuremberg
State building authority Regensburg


Liegenschafts- und Baubetrieb (LBB)
Branch office:

  • Idar-Oberstein
  • Kaiserslautern
  • Landau
  • Trier


Hospital in Kandahar


Water supply company in Luanda


Kigali Convention Centre Complex in Rwanda


CMP Transport in Varna


Production hall in Tianjin


MAN in Copenhagen


MAN in Senden
Distribution centre in Dresden
Ingolstadt Village
Wertheim Village

Great Britain

MAN in Manchester




Maternity hospital in Shymkent


Z-Towers in Riga


Opel plant in Gliwice


Power station in Malmö


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