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Language services with almost 40 years of experience.

Traductanet is a language service company with a network of over 2500 professionals. Our team, made up of linguists who translate only into their mother tongue, specialises in translation, software and website localisation, transcreation, multilingual SEO, content creation and interpreting in the world’s most common languages.

Traductanet is part of the t’works Group, which ranks 55th among the world’s top 100 language service providers. Specialising in complex and customised translation services, it has 14 offices that employ over 200 in-house experts across Europe, North and South America.

We are ISO 9001 and 17100 certified and provide organisations with high-quality work in many specialised areas, including law, finance, pharmacy, engineering, the automotive industry, telecommunications, information technology, retail, banking, tourism and much more. Our project managers quickly and efficiently attend to the needs of all customers, working directly to exceed their expectations, and use the latest translation technology and rigorous industry control to ensure perfect end product quality.


A translation company founded in 1985

Traductanet is a translation company that has been working for almost 40 years in the language service industry for several companies, sectors, public authorities, and international organisations, such as the European Union and the United Nations.

It is part of the t’works Group, a language service provider that specialises in complex and bespoke translation services. It has 14 offices employing over 200 people spread across Europe, North America and South America. The t’works Group ranks 55th among the world’s top 100 language service providers.

The team translates to and from all languages – and is composed of professionals who specialise in a wide range of technical areas and who translate only into their mother tongue. Besides that, Traductanet experts are also able to translate and localise software and websites, adapting digital content to the target markets’ particular linguistic, social and cultural characteristics.

The company is also greatly involved in boosting marketing strategies worldwide –multilingual SEO will help to enhance a website’s visibility, making it more relevant and improving its position in the leading search engines, and that is why our team will identify and analyse the keywords associated with a particular brand, institution or project and improve its performance by incorporating them into a given website.

In addition to these services, Traductanet can advise customers on the type of interpreting most suitable for an event, as well as on the selection of the interpretation team, creating all appropriate conditions and providing the technical equipment necessary for interpreting services wherever.

With the advent of AI, our team of highly skilled and experienced human experts are now also offering to meticulously review and enhance AI-generated content, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the brand voice, values and objectives of our customers. By bridging the gap between AI and human intelligence, we create content that resonates deeply with every audience.

Some of the additional services offered by Traductanet include desktop publishing (DTP), terminology management, and audio transcription.


Our expertise
and specialist areas

Finance & Law

This is an area that requires a great deal of rigour and responsibility, so experts with profound knowledge of financial and legal matters are the ones that provide these translation services. Documents often include annual reports, business plans, contracts, patents, and court orders.

Industry & Engineering

Technical manuals and publications cannot be effectively rendered by someone unfamiliar with the industry, and companies cannot work with inaccurate translations. Traductanet can ensure that every engineering translation is of the highest quality, and is able to render documentation such as specifications, guides, reports and plans.


We adapt our interpreting, translation and localisation services to the particular terminology and technical characteristics of the automotive sector, by translating workshop manuals, corporate communications, and documents related to production, wholesaling, retailing, and maintenance of motor vehicles.


By its very nature, tourism is an activity that crosses borders. As such, companies need to adopt a good communication strategy and strong online presence to attract international customers. For this reason, we work with professionals who are aware of the technical requirements of the travel and tourism fields, as well as of the different cultural and social sensitivities each market may present.

Life Sciences

Traductanet boosts communication between pharmaceutical and medical organisations in several global markets of this highly regulated industry. Our network of accredited linguists with proven scientific experience allows us to deliver high-quality work regarding products, drug specifications, clinical trials, scientific opinions, and articles for specialised journals.

Information Technology

IT translation is one of the most relevant segments of the last few decades. High-quality IT translations are vital for companies striving to strengthen their position in foreign markets. This is why Traductanet specialises in translating operating system guides, software documentation, and instructions.

The Traductanet team

The team at the company is young, dynamic, and highly qualified, and has made Traductanet a national and international name in translation and conference interpreting. Our professional backgrounds range from project managers to translators and business developers.

Our pipeline of translation management systems enables us to automatically and efficiently manage the entire translation process, freeing our project managers’ time so they can focus on our customers, reducing the delivery time of high-quality products, at the best cost.

Joana Becken
Joana Becken
Managing Director
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Luis Costa
IT Expert and Language Engineer
tworks mitarbeiter Gabiela Mott
Gabriela Mott
Head of Business Development (Portugal)
tworks mitarbeiter Priscila Saba
Priscila Saba
Business Development Executive
tworks mitarbeiter Sonia Reis
Sonia Reis
Head of Project Management
Daniela Martins
Project Manager
Susana Mende
Project Manager
Rute Miguel
Project Manager
Brenda Pérez
Project Manager
Sofia Pinto
Project Manager
Ana Marques
Head of Finance
Andreia Patriarca
Finance Administrative Assistant

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