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In-house linguistic expertise for the language industry
Welcome to Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH – the professional partner to numerous translation agencies, language services providers and language agencies in Germany, Europe, the USA and Asia.

With more than 60 full-time linguists, language experts and project managers, we are a trusted partner for our translation customers and one of the leading multi-language vendors (MLV).


Our company, Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH, was founded in 1992 by Barbara Wohanka in Geisenhausen, Germany. Over the years, additional branches have been opened in Leipzig (Germany), Sheffield (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Lyon (France), Utrecht (Netherlands) and Verona (Italy), and many key customers have been acquired worldwide. With considerable personal dedication, hard work and extensive experience, over the course of three decades, the team at Wohanka has created a unique MLV service provider with highly qualified linguists. We fulfil the highest standards of quality, security and confidentiality through our customer-oriented service and professional processes.


Our expertise
and specialist areas

In-house linguists

Our team consists of more than 60 full-time in-house linguists who work at 5 Language Hubs in Europe to meet your translation needs.

Technical translations in key languages

We offer professional translations in German, English, French, Italian and Dutch. We are also able to offer many other language combinations through our affiliates and partners.

Own quality centre

Our quality centre in Leipzig ensures linguistic reviews and proofreading at the highest level.

Machine translation
and post-editing

Our very own MT environment and in-house experts mean we are able to offer our customers high-quality, efficient and secure MT and post-editing services.

Patent translations

A special area of focus that requires a lot of experience and know-how: our specialist linguists know what’s what when it comes to patents and meet all the requirements of the German and European patent offices.

Experience with translation technology

We have been working with TMS and CAT systems such as memoQ, Trados, XTM, Phrase and many more for over 20 years, ensuring the highest degree of efficiency and quality.

The Wohanka team

Our project management team and in-house language experts stand for linguistic quality, customer-oriented services and efficient processes. Even assignments with the tightest of deadlines are delivered to customers on time and in excellent quality. A personal contact person as well as regular translators and interpreters for all your projects ensure continuity and confidentiality.

Kubinka Nadine Projektmanagement web
Nadine Kubinka
Head of Production
Baumgart Andreas Uebersetzer S 300x300 1
Andreas Baumgart
Bofinder Magdalena Uebersetzung web
Magdalena Bofinger
Dittrich Sandra Uebersetzung web
Sandra Dittrich
Marie Theres Cerman Uebersetzung
Marie-Theres Cermann
Gramzow Michael Uebersetzung web
Michael Gramzow
Pavic Ante Uebersetzung web
Ante Pavic
Huth Anne Uebersetzung
Anne Huth
Severa Katharina Editor
Katharina Severa
Siovitz Amit Editor
Amit Siovitz
Swiderek Franziska Uebersetzung web
Franziska Swiderek
Pia Klowe tworks
Pia Kolwe
Head of Project Management
Porstmann Julia Editor Support
Julia Porstmann
Editor Support
tworks platzhalter woman
Judith Becker
Project Manager
tworks platzhalter woman
Yvonne Berg
Project Manager
tworks platzhalter woman
Cathrin Bock
Project Manager
tworks mitarbeiter Mattia Colombu
Mattia Colombu
Project Manager
tworks platzhalter woman
Diana Cyndrowska
Project Manager (certified translations)
tworks platzhalter man
Steffen Itte
Project Manager
Mahn Mathias Projektmanagement web
Mathias Mahn
Project Manager
tworks platzhalter woman
Violetta Ramchen
Project Manager
tworks mitarbeiter Julieta Falcon Ramirez
Julieta Falcón Ramírez
Project Manager
Sangermani Erik Uebersetzung
Erik Sangermani-Nöbel
Project Manager and Translator
Sangermani Silvia Editor
Silvia Sangermani
Project Manager and Translator
Hilse Beate Verwaltung S 400x400 1
Beate Hilse
Head of Administration & HR
Heinze Christfried Verwaltung S 400x400 1
Christfried Heinze
Administration & HR
Prieschl Vanessa Verwaltung S 400x400 1
Vanessa Özer

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Our professional background ranges from qualified office managers to university-educated translators and graduate engineers.

Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH

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D-84144 Geisenhausen

Managing Directors
Henning Hinz, Ingo Diederichs

Commercial register
HRB 5289, Landshut Local Court, registered office: Geisenhausen

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