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Case study

The world is becoming more digital, inventions more innovative and everything around us smarter. So is our home. Does this sound familiar? A rainy and cold autumn working day is coming to an end and you are already looking forward to your cosy, warm home. But unfortunately, you turned off the heating when you left the house in the morning. Upshot: It is cold at home. With Bosch Smart Home products, you decide when and how warm it gets in your home. Even if you’ve turned off the heating, you can easily solve your problem #LikeABosch using the Bosch Smart Home app – wherever you are. Enssner Zeitgeist provides the necessary foreign language expertise with its translations for Bosch.

Bosch Smart Home products are available on the German-, English- and French-speaking markets and are very popular for everything to do with smart homes. EnssnerZeitgeist supports Bosch Smart Home by constantly localising and updating a wide range of French and English content.

A brief look into the past

Bosch looks back on a long history: founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch as the “Werkstätte für Feinmechanik und Elektrotechnik” in Stuttgart, Bosch can now look back on more than 130 years of company history. Its first products and services included the installation of telephone systems and electric doorbells, as well as the development of improved magneto ignitions for the automotive industry, which laid the foundation for the company’s later national and international success. Since its establishment, Bosch has been characterised by innovation and constant further development, which also enabled the company to expand its areas of business: household appliances and power tools have also been part of the Bosch product portfolio since the mid-1920s. All it takes is a quick look around your own household: there’s no overlooking Bosch products.

As a modern language services provider with more than 74 years of experience, EnssnerZeitgeist not only translates into 50 languages, but also takes care of the complete translation management: specialist translations, localisation, marketing, transcreation, machine translation, foreign language layout/DTP, glossary/terminology management and coordination processes with proofreaders and subsidiaries in different countries. From technical documentation, specialist texts, multilingual websites, contracts, patents as well as marketing documents, EnssnerZeitgeist is no stranger to any type of text.

Bosch Smart Home and Enssner Zeitgeist: Technical

innovation meets foreign language expertise. Enssner Zeitgeist has been providing translation support to the majority of Bosch’s business units for many years: data sheets, press releases, operating instructions, website content, software texts – almost all types of texts are covered.

Enssner Zeitgeist has also been producing the translations for Bosch Smart Home since 2020. The focus is on app and website content as well as user manuals. The various dedicated teams of translators as well as the project management team were trained by the expert Bosch Smart Home service managers on the various products and topics. Consistent corporate wording is ensured by continuous updates of the translation memories and by the Qterm terminology management system. Language-specific style guides support the translators in their daily work for Bosch Smart Home.

The key to success

The constant and lively exchange with the customer is the be-all and end-all: Bosch Smart Home and Enssner Zeitgeist hold weekly meetings to exchange information about current and upcoming translation projects. The translations are produced on time, in high quality and in accordance with the wording thanks to planning down to the day in most cases, using regular translators and integrating the always up-to-date translation memories.

At a glance

Customer: Bosch Smart Home,

Period: Since July 2020

Language combinations: German > English(UK), French(FR)

Services: technical translations, software localisation, marketing translations and transcreation, terminology management

Types of texts: app texts, operating instructions, website content, GTCs and privacy policies

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