Localization, Personalization and Global Marketing

Localization, Personalization and Global Marketing by t'works

What’s the connection? Adapting your content for multicultural and multilingual audiences is a vital part of personalizing your customer’s journey and building trust. Reaching new international markets is no longer the preserve of big global brands. With the arrival of the internet and the digitalization of our lives, companies of any size can envisage selling […]

Understanding transcreation part 2

Understanding Transcreation

The benefits of creative approaches to translation – and what happens when cultural nuance isn’t planned for Where once selling products and services on a global scale was reserved for big corporations, now, with the help of the internet and modern communications, businesses of any size can operate internationally. Using language in the most effective […]

Understanding transcreation part 1

Understanding Transcreation

What is transcreation and when is it used? When we think about communicating between languages and producing multilingual content we automatically think about translation. But in today’s fast-paced business environment where interaction between cultures is commonplace, there is now much more emphasis on how translation is achieved and making sure it impacts its audience in […]

Do sustainability reports have to be translated?

CSRD Nachhaltigkeit 1280x580

Obligation to provide information on sustainability aspects and new rules for companies with more than 250 employees Starting in 2024, stricter reporting standards will be introduced for companies in the areas of the environment, corporate governance and working conditions. In Germany, this will affect around 15,000 companies and in Austria, the number of companies that […]

Understanding International SEO

SEO Localization by t'works

Localization happens when your products and services are adapted to the cultural preferences of a new region or new audience. This process can encompass many areas of your business but our focus here is website SEO. What we need to remember for international SEO purposes is that elements of your website like content, backlinks and keywords will need to be tailored to the target market. The aim is to ensure that search engines easily identify which region and language your webpages are aimed at and that the nature of the content corresponds to local searches.

The Language of International Recruitment

Sprache und internationale Rekrutierung

In the language industry we have long been accustomed to remote working and borderless teams. With our principal objective of facilitating cross-cultural communication, we are used to our colleagues being dotted around the globe and working in different languages to ours. We know to prioritize straightforward language and communication channels, respect time zones and global holidays, the value of a multilingual workplace and the importance of providing translated company documentation.

A high level of technical and linguistic expertise for SCHINDLER

CaseStudy Schindler

t’works affiliate ASI has been supporting SCHINDLER since 1981 with its technical expertise and language skills. Main focus: technical documentation. Headquartered in Vienna, Schindler Fahrtreppen International GmbH is part of the Swiss-based Schindler Group and the global market leader in escalator manufacture. ASI has been providing language services to this company since 1981, successfully completing over 1,000 projects in specialised fields such as technical documentation, marketing and law.

BOSCH Smart Home: Smart products for your smart home

BoschSmartHome 1144x762

Case study The world is becoming more digital, inventions more innovative and everything around us smarter. So is our home. Does this sound familiar? A rainy and cold autumn working day is coming to an end and you are already looking forward to your cosy, warm home. But unfortunately, you turned off the heating when […]

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