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The company d.velop AG was founded in 1992 and is based in Gescher, Germany. It develops and markets software for the end-to-end digitalisation of business processes and industry-specific specialist processes. With the expansion of its established ECM portfolio in the field of document management, archiving and workflows to include mobile apps and standardised and custom SaaS solutions, d.velop AG also offers managed services as a software manufacturer. In addition, legal certainty and compliance with the statutory requirements are also guaranteed thanks to a sophisticated compliance management system.

What problem has text&form | t’works solved for d.velop, and what things have changed since d.velop began working with text&form | t’works?

d.velop was seeking a solution for the efficient and flawless translation of content in its SAP system into English. In most cases text&form and d.velop complete translation projects with the CAT tool memoQ, but in this case the translation tools of our partner LUDECKE were the superior solution as they allowed us to translate directly in the SAP environment. This saved us a considerable amount of time and reduced the workload to a minimum.

What exact shape does the collaboration between d.velop and text&form | t’works take, and what is special about it?

The collaboration between d.velop and text&form has been cordial and highly personalised ever since we first made contact. We discuss projects regularly via email and on Teams, and get together each year for an in-person meeting at the offices of either d.velop or text&form.

The smooth collaboration between d.velop and text&form is also based on the rapid response times of the project managers on both sides in the case of quotes, query management and technical problems.

How has text&form | t’works met the particular requirements of d.velop?

For most of d.velop’s software products, the collaboration with text&form has meant that stable and efficient translation processes have been in place for several years now. The SAP add-ons from d.velop were yet part of these processes, however, as their user interface texts were stored in a variety of objects in the SAP systems, which meant that they weren’t easily accessible. Integrating these texts not only required the right tools, but above all, several years of experience with SAP translations.

What specialist services does text&form | t’works provide for d.velop?

The SAP consulting team at text&form identified the texts in the SAP system that were relevant for translation and expanded the existing translation process to also enable the texts from the SAP systems to be translated. The translation tools from the SAP standard were used in addition to the translation tools from our partner, LUDECKE. These enabled the texts and translation memories to be exported into the formats required by d.velop. The existing translations of the SAP add-ons were adapted to the software products of d.velop in terms of style and terminology, and new translations were also created. This means that d.velop is well equipped for further translations of its software interfaces, irrespective of the underlying technology.

What can other decision makers in the language services industry learn from the example of d.velop?

The use of new tools, such as the translation tools of LUDECKE, enables savings in terms of both time and money. A simple link with the SAP system reduces the project management workload on both sides and leads to a satisfactory translation.

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