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Technical documentation is a special field in the world of translation. The topics are often highly complex and the terms very specific. If you don’t provide your documentation in your readers’ native languages, you risk not getting your message across. A potential customer will lose interest more quickly, or an employee operating a machine may misunderstand the instructions. The potential consequences are obvious. You therefore need a professional specialist translation partner to translate your operating instructions and manuals correctly. After all, your documentation should not only be comprehensible in every target language, but also conform to standards and be consistent.

At t’works, we use qualified translators who are native speakers and implement strict quality assurance measures. A good technical translation requires consistency, cultural knowledge, familiarity with your corporate language and a high level of expertise. This is the only way to avoid potential misunderstandings and misinterpretations.

Our goal: a highly professional and lasting collaboration. To do this, we first take a close look at the current situation before proposing the best translation workflow for your scenario. A workflow that takes both your budget and schedule into account. We adapt to your processes and integrate your editorial system with our tools wherever possible. Once the path is clear, we get to work. From data preparation and translation to terminology management and layout as well as quality assurance: t’works gives you everything from a single source.

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