Interview with AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG

Case study

AUMA has been developing and manufacturing electric actuators and valve gearboxes for 50 years, and is now one of the leading international manufacturers in the industry.

The energy industry, water management and petrochemical industry clients as well as users from a wide variety of manufacturing sectors worldwide rely on AUMA’s technologically sophisticated products.

2,600 employees. 30 locations worldwide. 

What problem has text&form | t’works solved for AUMA?

We had to adjust the source language in our software localisation tool. The service provider had offered to support us with the changeover, but at a cost of € 700. The team text&form | t’works assisted us with the changeover in a 20-minute Webex session, and we were able to complete it successfully.

What has changed since AUMA began working with text&form | t’works?

The new legal regulations and guidelines mean that we were required to expand our languages portfolio considerably. We now work in more than 35 languages, and text&form | t’works has enabled us to expand into the new languages that we require and to change language combinations.

What additional services does text&form | t’works provide to AUMA?

In addition to the standard translation projects, the team at text&form | t’works supports us with building and maintaining our terminology database. The in-house terminology tool, tw-term, has a termcasting function which is particularly useful in specialist projects. We are also happy to call on the DTP team at text&form | t’works for documents that aren’t managed in our editorial system.

How has text&form | t’works met the specialist requirements of AUMA?

text&form | t’works is always ready to adapt to AUMA’s requirements and to entrust specialist tasks to experts. We work with specialist IT programs which text&form | t’works has also bought to ensure that the cooperation with us runs on an optimum basis. Our collaboration also works smoothly as far as the fonts for the programs are concerned.

What is special about the collaboration between text&form | t’works and AUMA?

Since we have both a designated key account manager and substitutes in case the account manager is unavailable, we always have a competent contact partner. We also started to offer targeted product training this year and will continue to do so in the new year. Personal contact is particularly important for us in our collaboration.

What exact shape does the collaboration with text&form | t’works take?

We have a designated contact person to whom we send our translation projects. In addition to traditional email correspondence, we also use a shared file server, which guarantees data security and means that the file sizes are never an issue. The projects include XML exports from the editorial system, InDesign files for brochures, as well as to specialist data sheets and software files.

What can other decision makers in the language services industry learn from the example of AUMA?

It is important to choose a language services provider that can call on a staff team which is familiar with the products through having worked with them for many years, and which can also identify errors in the source text through targeted questions. It is also important for the language services provider to be able to offer special solutions for special requirements. This is an area in which text&form | t’works is very flexible and always finds an appropriate, customer-specific solution.

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