Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2024 at t'works

Opening up the digital world to more people should be our collective goal In 2024 Global Accessibility Awareness Day falls on Thursday 16th May. Its aim is to get us all thinking about the barriers people experience when they want to participate fully in the digital universe and what we can do to break these […]

Bill 96: Quebec’s push for French

Bill 96: Quebec’s push for French

Language legislation in Canada’s Francophone province and what it means for businesses In May 2022 Quebec’s National Assembly passed an amendment to the ‘Charter of the French Language’, the law that defines French as the official and primary language of the Canadian province. This amendment is known as Bill 96 and its aim is to […]

The importance of language access

The importance of language access

Ensuring language access for everyone benefits our businesses and our communities Society is more diverse and more multicultural than ever before. We now live, study and work alongside people from different backgrounds and with transnational histories. Unlike a few decades ago, hearing many varied languages spoken on our streets and in our neighborhoods is commonplace. […]

Automation in translation part 2: focus on connectors

Autonation in Translation Process Part2

How connectors for technology make the translation process quicker, easier and cheaper In the fast-paced, constantly evolving world of global business, streamlining processes has never been more essential. Speeding up time to market and ensuring that people can use their human skills in the most effective way possible is paramount in today’s modern business environment. […]

French Language Day – t’works in France

French Language Day - t'works in France

Celebrating both the beautiful French language and our Paris-based affiliate, Lexcelera On 20th March every year, we celebrate French Language Day. Each of the United Nation’s six languages has a designated day and signifies the UN’s commitment to multilingualism within its organization and its focus on using all its official languages equally. Of course, here […]

International Mother Language Day 2024

Native Speaker Comptence

How can technology benefit language diversity? A quick look at the ways new technologies like AI and machine learning can open up access to knowledge in more languages. When we celebrate International Mother Language Day, we celebrate the huge diversity of the world’s (roughly) 7,000 languages. Every one of these languages is important and offers […]

Localizing for China: 3 important considerations

Localizing for China

Entering the Chinese market is a tempting prospect, but overcoming the language and cultural differences will require in-depth research and a mindful strategy. Over 1.1 billion people speak Mandarin or Standard Chinese as it’s also known, the majority of them as a first language. That’s a very big chunk of the world’s total population and […]

Language and translation in 2024

Language and Translation in 2024

5 predictions for the World of Languages this Year It isn’t overstating things to say that without communication across languages, the world would be a very different place. Translators are one of the engines behind successful global collaboration and they play a significant role in helping us create the inter-connected, multicultural and exciting world we […]

Words of the Year

Word of words 2023 by tworks

What are they for 2023 and why do they matter? The standout word Has anyone ever told you you’ve got great rizz? Or have you ever rizzed someone up? You may well have experienced the power of ‘rizz’ in abundance but it’s unlikely that you would have used this word to describe it. Before now […]

Taking stock of the language industry in 2023

Language Industry in 2023

What have been the overriding trends and how has generative AI shaped the year?   The LLM era Much like many sectors around the world, 2023 has seen the language industry reacting to the emergence of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Llama and PaLM and finding out about how this new technology can add […]

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