French Language Day – t’works in France

French Language Day - t'works in France

Celebrating both the beautiful French language and our Paris-based affiliate, Lexcelera

On 20th March every year, we celebrate French Language Day. Each of the United Nation’s six languages has a designated day and signifies the UN’s commitment to multilingualism within its organization and its focus on using all its official languages equally.

Of course, here at t’works, we’re always happy for an excuse to talk about how fascinating languages are, and the UN days give us the perfect occasion.

French as many of you probably agree, is a mesmerizing and charming language that when we hear it, makes us think of romantic dating, Parisian strolls, Provence flower markets and that inimitable ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Despite the odd annoying irregular verb (well ok, despite many annoying irregular verbs), French is still one of the most popular second languages to learn and maintains its position as the 5th most spoken language in the world. 28 countries have French as one of their official languages and over 300 million people speak it globally.

So, while you’re celebrating ‘La journée de la langue francaise’ today, maybe with a pain au chocolat and a petit café, we’d like to tell you about one of our favorite French things, t’works-Lexcelera, our affiliate based in the Roquette district of central Paris.

t’works – Lexcelera

t’works is represented in France by leading translation and language services provider Lexcelera. Lexcelera has been part of the t’works group since 2021 and became the first of our affiliates from outside the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) area.

Lexcelera was first formed in 1992 and in the 30 years since has built one of the world’s largest networks of expert linguists, covering 60 countries and 100 languages. Lexcelera offers extensive multilingual services and has been successfully helping companies coordinate their international communication plans for the last 3 decades.

Let’s look at what makes t’works-Lexcelera stand out.

Lexcelera offers its customers excellence and support at every stage of their multilingual journey

Like all the affiliates of the t’works group, customer care and satisfaction are at the heart of Lexcelera’s philosophy. With production offices in Paris, Bangkok and Buenos Aires and commercial offices in London and Vancouver, Lexcelera is well-positioned to provide its customers with solutions to their language challenges 24/7. This commitment to ‘following the sun’ is just one way Lexcelera offers its customers convenience and practicality and combines this with its other agile processes to deliver outstanding service at all times.

Lexcelera’s stringent quality assurances are second-to-none and it was the first translation provider in France to achieve the ISO 9001 quality standard, which it has held consistently since 2001. Lexcelera is dedicated to providing quality right across its broad range of language services whether it be technical translation, website localization or multilingual subtitling.

The team at Lexcelera is pioneer in all translation technologies and AI

Lexcelera makes sure its customers can always benefit from the latest technology and offers a number of in-house applications to help them get the maximum value from their language projects.

The most advanced translation memory and terminology management systems are used to ensure consistency and efficiency across all projects even when there are multiple teams involved.

Lexcelera is embracing artificial intelligence and working with it to further develop neural machine translation technology. Recent advances in AI are being introduced to augment the quality of automatic translation and Lexcelera’s expertise in this field means it is one of the few companies in the world today with a mastery of all types of translation automation.

Lexcelera provides specialized international communications across many sectors

All industries have their own specific processes, unique practices and distinctive vocabulary and an in-depth knowledge of these is needed to produce precise and trustworthy translations. Lexcelera combines project managers, expert linguists, subject matter experts and terminologists to offer expert multilingual solutions for all sectors but in particular for the construction, medical devices, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and e-commerce industries.

Notably, Lexcelera also works with some of the biggest players in the energy and mineral resource industry to optimize their global communications. Here, the challenges of businesses spread over different continents, ever-changing regulations, competitive markets and diverse workforces mean language solutions must be highly efficient, precise and delivered rapidly and securely.

At Lexcelera the focus is always human

While technology plays an essential role in language services today, without the people who make it happen and their fundamental understanding of how language works, translation wouldn’t be possible. Lexcelera aims to unite the most talented linguists and engineers with the latest language technologies to make seamless international communication a reality.

Lexcelera has always recognized the significance of the human element of translation and in 1993 it founded Translators Without Borders, a community of (now) over 100,000 language volunteers bringing multilingual communication to people worldwide in times of crisis. Lexcelera is also signed up to the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to a sustainable future.

With Lexcelera your language strategy gets raised to the next level

Lexcelera brings excellence and expertise to every aspect of its service. The team at Lexcelera skilfully guides its customers along every stage of each project, providing multicultural and linguistic advice, technical know-how and optimization strategies to help them reach their global language objectives smoothly and effectively.

Lexcelera has hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide. Read about them here.

So, in honor of French Language Day, we say ‘bravo’ to our colleagues at Lexcelera and their brilliant work.

Wishing everyone an excellent day celebrating the beautiful French language.

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