t'works affiliate company location

t'works affiliate company location

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DTP & Layout

Your translation’s foreign language layout is subject to its own laws, but intercultural influences also impact the graphics and layout. At t’works, our professional specialised layout team takes care of the different character sets, paragraph and character formats, and text length changes in all languages. Our team follows corporate design guidelines and supports you in creating technical documentation, product and spare parts catalogues, and marketing documents. We have extensive expertise in XML/SGML-based content management systems and cross-media publishing. We support you during the translation process right up to the final layout.

t’works gives you everything from a single source.

We edit

t’works has extensive expertise and experience in multilingual DTP/typesetting. We can work in a variety of file formats and versions including non-editable formats which we can recreate. Data formats we work with (not limited to):