Is AI the solution your content needs?

Is AI the solution your content needs

Exploring the possibilities of generative AI in (multilingual) content creation. Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) continues to astound us. In January of this year when a speech in Spanish by the Argentinian president at the World Economic Forum in Davos was subsequently recreated in English, the world took note. In a video released shortly afterward and […]

Is Artificial Intelligence about to replace human translators?

AI and translation

How the language industry is dealing with AI and large language models. Ever-shifting language In March 2023 the Oxford English Dictionary released an update. This included the addition to its pages of over 700 new words and phrases and meant terms like ‘deepfake’, ‘chonky’ and ‘groomzilla’ all became a part of the recognized English lexicon. […]

Has AI solved its language problem?

Hat die KI ihr Sprachproblem gelöst?

Artificial neural networks, a type of AI that is able figure out relationships within datasets without relying on the input of specific code, have been around for a while. But it was the development of the transformer neural net by Google in 2017 that sparked the recent revolution in AI and language.

Transformer models are able to mimic certain processes of the human brain and power natural language processing. They are essentially the bedrock of AI language models like BART and the GPT family, which includes of course, ChatGPT, the behemoth that dominates the conversation today.

A high level of technical and linguistic expertise for SCHINDLER

CaseStudy Schindler

t’works affiliate ASI has been supporting SCHINDLER since 1981 with its technical expertise and language skills. Main focus: technical documentation. Headquartered in Vienna, Schindler Fahrtreppen International GmbH is part of the Swiss-based Schindler Group and the global market leader in escalator manufacture. ASI has been providing language services to this company since 1981, successfully completing over 1,000 projects in specialised fields such as technical documentation, marketing and law.

E-commerce growth and the importance of language

E-Commerce Localization by t'works

E-commerce – or electronic commerce to give it its full title – is the buying and selling of goods and services between companies and individuals over an electronic network which is now what we know as the internet.

Getting the most from post-editing machine translation

Coroporate Wording by tworks

Post-editing machine translation (PEMT), a hybrid approach that combines the speed and low-cost element of the machine with the expert knowledge and feel for language of the linguist, is however, growing in popularity. And if you are a user of the WordPress content management platform, opting for one of the many multilingual plugins on the market will let you take full advantage of this method to build your web pages in different languages without too much stress.

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