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In terms of precision, expertise and terminology, financial translations are no more or less specific than other specialist translations. But they also have their own peculiarities.
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When it comes to the economy, trade and finance, we are in an area which is under the influence of globalization like hardly any other. Whether it’s financial service providers, listed corporations, small international companies or private investors – internationality is the order of the day for all those who operate in this sector. And as the global economy grows ever more together, the need for expert and legally precise translations is also increasing, whose terminology reflects the economy and trade in a contemporary way. In the future, the need for translation will probably not be reduced; quite the contrary, because the very dynamic market is increasingly regulated and more and more documentation and communication requirements are being added. In addition to balance sheets, business and stock market reports, the focus is also on producing product information, market reports and compliance reports, which must be made available to a large number of target groups in multiple languages. Translation projects such as these with the claim of highly specific expertise in economics, law and finance as well as an often much too short processing time are exactly our job. As an experienced and reliable language service provider with ISO 17100 certification, we are well equipped, not least because the expertise of our specialized business translation teams includes several specialist areas.

What makes financial translation so special?

Competently translated as important as clearly and appealingly expressed

In terms of precision, expertise and terminology, financial translations are no more or less specific than other specialist translations. But they also have their own peculiarities. On the one hand, language in the economic and financial sector is a world in itself, which in turn falls into several “language worlds” in their own right; and on the other hand, today more than ever, the actors in the financial business expect that a highly competent translation of their specialist content can also convince through clear and easily comprehensible expression and thus play an important role in global financial communication. A real challenge that can be mastered only in a tremendous balancing act and for us the reason why we put financial translations only into the hands of our trained professionals. They manage to transform complex issues and hard factors into a well-understood text that is interesting and informative. Whether it be the balance sheet, the annual financial statements or the stock exchange report – it is always about more than figures.

Other countries, other terms … the linguistic nuance is important

Our qualified business translators build the bridges between figures, languages and cultures. Not only do they possess comprehensive know-how in the financial business, understand the close connection between financial and legal language and master the use of the right specialist terminology, but they are also able to translate the nuances of their meaning into another language, which requires an expert analysis of the context. Especially in financial texts, technical terms from the source language often do not have a precise target-language equivalent in the form of a single word. For example, for the German term “Abschreibungen,” three terms (depreciation, amortization and impairment) are available in English, which can be used depending on what is meant in the context. In addition, terminology and concepts are constantly changing, often so rapidly and radically that it is essential to be up to date – another peculiarity for the production of a financial translation.

Always staying up to date

The financial world is constantly on the move and developing rapidly. From current language usage to currency conversion rates and terminology to legal and regulatory changes, which are also country-specific, it is far from enough for our experienced translators to have the specialist and linguistic competence and the special eye for details to localize the financial documents. In order to take into account the current legal and economic situation in their translation, they have to deal with the financial world on a daily basis and update their knowledge.

Strict confidentiality and high data protection standards

Data protection is generally considered by us as a top priority. We work according to ISO 9001, are certified according to ISO 17100 and ensure – for example through encrypted data transmission, compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act and our own IT infrastructure as well as through confidentiality agreements with all employees – that your sensitive data are protected and treated confidentially by us.

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