Harnessing the power of multilingual content

The Power of Multilingual Content

Why creating linguistically and culturally appropriate content for your global audiences is important The internet has opened up the world in ways we might not have thought possible 50 years ago. We can access endless information, make purchases from anywhere in the world and communicate 24 hours a day with anyone we like as long […]

The role of content in global growth

localizing your content

How localizing your content can help your company increase its customer base and its bottom line. Content is a broad term that refers to all the material – textual, visual, audio and otherwise – that is made to support a company or brand and its products or services. It is often used in the context […]

Why Localizing Your E-Learning Matters

Hat die KI ihr Sprachproblem gelöst?

E-learning is on the rise. Where once this form of education might have been viewed as an inferior way of gaining a qualification and its providers not on a par with more well-established bodies of schooling, it is now firmly accepted as a high quality, practical and cost-effective means of training.

E-commerce localization and the benefits it brings

Multilingual Website

What do we mean by localizing e-commerce content?
Every stage of your customer’s e-commerce journey must meet their expectations. What they see and read has to communicate with them seamlessly and effectively. They have to trust the company they’re thinking of spending their money with and believe that it understands their needs. They certainly don’t want to feel like any part of the process is hard work.

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