Benefits of a Multilingual Name Check

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Don’t undermine the values of your brand

Analyzing the brand name from a cultural, linguistic and language point of view is an important part of finding a name for a product. For example, if a product is to be launched worldwide, it is important that this product does not have any negative associations or connotations internationally. It should also be easy to pronounce and sound simple to make it memorable in the respective country. A good brand name helps sell the product, unlike a bad one…
The main purpose of the cultural and linguistic brand name analysis is to find out if the name has a negative (swear word, association with war, discrimination, etc.) meaning in another language. Perhaps you are familiar with the slip-ups with the names for the Mitsubishi “Pajero” car or the Nigerian gas company called “Nigaz”. Even a large company like Procter & Gamble did not do itself any favors with the “Vicks” cold ointment and changed this name to “Wick” in German-speaking countries.