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What is Terminology?


Why does Terminology matter?


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Corporate Wording: Terminology in Companies


Don’t worry, your corporate language is
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t’works’ terminology management will ensure the consistency and technical accuracy of your company’s corporate language for all your translation projects.

Our Value Proposition

What is terminology
and why is it important?

  • Terminology is the body of words and phrases that describes a particular business, science, trend, topic etc.
  • Your company’s terminology is its corporate language. That means it represents your company identity and brand and should be handled with care.
  • Correct management of your corporate language in the translation process will save you time, energy and money.

Terminology Management

Our Customers

How does t’works manage
and use your corporate language?

  • Our editors, translators, terminologists, linguists and developers work together to quickly professionalise your corporate language. We have developed best-of-breed tools and methods to do this.
  • Your specialist language needs to be centrally stored on a server and not sent around the world in Excel spreadsheets or database files.
  • Our server-based terminology tools are easily accessible via browser and integrate seamlessly into many systems thanks to a REST-based API.

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Our expertise

Terminology Management White Paper Download

»  Terminology databank:

besides TMs, term bases ensure a consistent and uniform formulation

»  Extraction & glossaries:

we extract, manage and maintain multilingual terminology data bases and glossaries


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