WordPress and translation

t’works and WPML have the perfect solution
taking your WordPress website

Combining automatic and human translation with an optimal translation management system  

Thinking of going multilingual with your website?
Getting the most from post-editing machine translation

The WPML plugin for creating multilingual WordPress websites is a market leader.
Its key benefits are:

  • Flexible translation choices, allowing intuitive integration with t’works’ services  

  • Seamless translation of custom post types, custom fields, widgets, menus, images, taxonomy, media – and even your site’s admin texts 

  • Multilingual SEO optimization

  • No need for Google Translate extensions while crawling 

  • Translation of strings and slugs 

  • Integrations with most major web services 

  • Compatible with WooCommerce and other plugins 

Our Value Proposition

At t’works our team of native speaker post-editors and translators will:

  • Advise on how to approach the translation and whether light or full post-editing is needed 

  • Ensure the website fits the local context and reflects cultural sensitivities 

  • Eliminate any lexical or grammatical errors 

  • Provide terminology consistency 

  • Provide expert subject knowledge in the target market languages 

  • Get your company’s message delivered in new markets 

WPML and Post-Editing by t'works

By combining WPML’s easy-to-use, secure plugin with t’works’ language expertise and experience, you get the best of both worlds.  

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