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Dear visitors, customers and partners,

Ü-Werk GmbH will be renamed t’works Language Services GmbH on 8 July 2020. For the t’works Group associate, this is a strategically important step towards becoming a one-stop language service provider.

t’works Language Services GmbH will continue to operate as before under the new name, but with a slightly greater focus on the areas of public tenders, legal and patent business within the t’works group of companies.

The company’s new name brings greater clarity about our services, it is easier to understand beyond the German-speaking countries and it reflects the diverse and dynamic structure of the growing t’works Group. The focus on the name “t’works” is also the basis for continuous further growth and competitiveness at the international level.

Your personal points of contact will continue to be available to you as usual under the new company name. The office in Zweibrückenstraße 696 in Landshut remains, and only the official registered office of the company will move to Hauptstraße 3, 84144 Geisenhausen. The familiar Ü-Werk email addresses will continue to be active until further notice. All the other company details such as telephone numbers, bank details, commercial register number, tax number, etc. will remain unchanged.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We hope you will have a good start with t’works. Kind regards,

Barbara Wohanka and Christian Enssner
Managing Partners

P.S. t’works is an international group with affiliates in six European countries and one location in Canada. It is one of Europe’s leading language specialists.

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Picture used: Ihor Biliavskyi, www.shutterstock.com

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