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Easier, faster industry-specific translation
with our intuitive terminology tool

Our user-friendly t’works term manager
swiftly translates the terms that are unique to your business,
helping produce accurate and consistent international communication

How it works

With our t’works term manager you can search our domain-enriched terminology database for the translation of an industry-specific word or phrase.

If the term isn’t already in the database, you can request its inclusion with a simple click. A notification lets you know when the term has been added to your terminology bank.

Focus your search by selecting your company-approved glossaries, guaranteeing coherent, consistent content.

Our Value Proposition

Understand how effective terminology management can boost your business worldwide

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t’works term manager in a nutshell

You benefit from:

  • Strict data confidentiality

  • Adapted terminology

  • Preserved identity

  • 24×7 service availability

  • Continuous improvements

Our tool provides:

  • Quick access to specific business terminology
  • The option to limit the search to certain glossaries
  • Numerous language pairs
  • On-going feedback to maintain and improve terminology databases

These renowned brands already trust t’works with their terminology management