t’works Group


t’works has set itself the goal of bringing together highly specialized language service providers who complement and support each other. We are successfully shaping the future of the translation world together, based on our partnership.


t’works unites leading international translation service providers who work together as partners, together creating genuine added value and actively shaping the future.

Satisfied customers

The quality of our service is determined by our customers and is the shared responsibility of everyone involved. This means that our solution is modelled in line with what our customers want and the added value is clearly communicated. Satisfied customers give us direction and pave the way to business success.

High-quality service

We measure the quality and high standards of our services by the satisfaction of our customers. In addition to the customer’s wishes, it is driven by sustainable thinking and action as well as compliance with legal requirements. In doing so, we always act in accordance with the demands of the times through the efficient use of our resources, technologies and capabilities.

The values we practise

Our team is rooted in a dynamic combination of openness, a spirit of partnership and mutual trust. We actively practise and shape our four key values: enthusiasm, appreciation, entrepreneurial spirit and discipline. These are the values we advocate in dealing both with our customers and business partners as well as with our employees and the environment.

Healthy growth

Natural growth is the basis for our company’s long-term success. We consider appropriate and thoughtful deployment of resources and technologies, innovative processes and cost consciousness among all our employees to be valuable building blocks for our future. This is how we deliver top quality.

Strategic advantages

Two worlds under one roof.

Advantages of a large, internationally positioned language service provider
» Earnings power and financial strength
» Broad, in-depth specialist and sector expertise
» Synergies through sharing expertise
» Resources for large projects and investments
Speed and flexibility of an SME
» Proximity to our customers
» Personal commitment of the employees
» Flexibility and speed of response
» Strong service tailored to our customers’ needs