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t’works Giveaways

The new, completely rebranded t’works logo is now visible pretty much everywhere. We’d like to celebrate this with some new giveaways. Because it’s summertime, we decided to hand out colorful beach balls in keeping with the new multicolored logo, and 1-liter glass water bottles, wrapped in a dark blue, easy-to-grip cover.

Doesn’t the sight of beach balls make you think of holidays and summer excitement? Or maybe even some slightly embarrassing sporting moments?! Whether you’re big or small, playing with beach balls is fun, either on the beach, in the garden or in the street. Although, not for use indoors!

Beach balls are the new flowers. Beautiful to look at but don’t need watering, just perfect anywhere around water. They’re also great for photoshoots, as demonstrated by our colleagues Marija. Sebastian and Linda.

Whatever you do with them, we hope it’s something enjoyable.

Marija Sperlich wirh t'works give aways