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Plunet adopted as central management software

Plurilinguistic, pluripotent, pluriefficient.

Plunet, the practical management tool for translation projects, has not only convinced the Schweinfurt-based company Enssner Zeitgeist, but now also three other affiliates of the t’works Group.
As a result, September 1, 2021 was a small milestone in the calendar for the t’works Group, as the affiliate companies t’works Language ServicesASI and Prolangua completed the switch to the innovative management software Plunet. The preparation phase was intensive and time-consuming, but it was well worth it. The versatile tool enables optimal handling of corporate and translation processes.

More efficiency for us = more efficiency for you.

Enssner Zeitgeist has been using Plunet for several years and is very enthusiastic about the software. This was also the reason why this tool was adopted internally. In line with the ongoing consolidation of the individual affiliates, we are now one step closer to standardization.

Plunet as Central Managemnet Software