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We make global easy

The rebranding of our company was still missing the icing on the cake: a new tagline. But which one suits us? We spent days and nights on it and racked our brains a couple of times, but the ideal tag was right under our noses, or rather to be found at our French colleagues at Lexcelera: “We make global easy”.

They carry this wonderful tagline since 2016 that we favored over new ideas for good reasons.  

Being global is indeed much easier with translated content. Consequently, the new tagline represents us superbly. We have helped numerous companies spread their content across the globe thanks to one of our language services. And we will continue to do so with heart and soul. 
So, we now say farewell to our old tagline “Consider it done” and are excited to announce our new brand tag:

“We make global easy”.

We make global easy by t'works