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We have redesigned the t’works logo and are pleased to present it to you today.

We are strong, we are one and we are colorful. Our radiant new logo reflects this pictorially.

We have visually transferred the logos from our seven sister companies into our new t’works logo. We wanted to keep the previous corporate colors of our sister companies’ logos in some form. This has resulted in the colorful redesign of our brand new, unified logo with a focus on the t’works name. The distinctive features of the original logos have been retained. Only the brand signs and fonts have changed.

16 locations, one language service provider, one logo and many advantages.

By standardizing, we are uniting our employees under one banner and offering more clarity to the outside world. The new logo brings a breath of fresh air and, with its color nuances, ensures a distinct recognition value. We are constantly developing and using the synergy effects of the sister companies to be stronger, more global and more competitive. Our new brand identity demonstrates this and will contribute to the first-class service we offer our customers.

new t'works logo