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The results are in! Healthy rankings for t’works

A year of consolidation and industriousness has seen t’works maintain our very healthy positions on both the 2023 ‘Slator Language Service Provider Index’ and ‘The 2023 Nimdzi 100’.

t’works clocks a strong 61st position with Slator and a highly respectable 84th with Nimdzi.

These rankings classify companies (LSPs) that provide language services according to their revenue in the previous year and give an excellent barometer for the current climate in the language services sector.

The Slator index grew to nearly 350 LSPs and includes the world’s largest providers of translation, localization, interpreting and language technology services. Slator reported more moderated growth in 2022 compared to 2021 and concluded that ‘the language industry again showed remarkable resilience’.

Nimdzi observed that 2022 had been a particularly interesting year to analyze in view of the slowed growth during the lockdown year of 2020 and the boom in the year that followed. They remarked that 2022 had been somewhat of a ‘mixed bag’ and that although life had returned to relative normal after covid, the war in Ukraine and economic pressures meant a degree of uncertainty in business.

Nimdzi does however predict a bright future for the language services industry and significant expected growth in 2023. Here at t’works we’re excited to be part of that predicted growth and plan to keep building on our very solid foundations in the coming year, whilst continuing our ascent as one of the industry’s leading companies.

t'works Slator Nimdzi Ranking 2023