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t’works has joined forces with other leading LSPs in the translate5 consortium.

translate5 is an open source translation management system and translation editor used by the professional language industry. It is particularly known for its complete ‘what you see is what you get’ support for all file formats and is therefore used by many LSPs in review and post-editing.

The common goal of the companies within the consortium is to develop a comprehensive translation system that has a focus on modern architecture, high performance for large translation volumes and offers the LSPs choice and flexibility. Features such as a highly scalable cloud architecture, customisability of file filters through the interface, additional analysis options for machine translation and post-editing and excellent editing and project management functions, make this a great option.

t’works and the other 9 LSPs involved in the consortium hope to harness the power of ‘community’ and aim to benefit from the added innovation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of working together on open source technology. The successful and independent companies that make up the consortium believe that teaming up will help boost business productivity, as well as offering extensive advantages that can be passed on to their customers.

t’works joined translate5 consortium