We stand with Ukraine

Statement by t’works group regarding the war in Ukraine

We are deeply shocked and condemn the military operation by the Russian Government towards Ukraine. International disputes should be resolved through the rules-based order, according to the principles of international law and with the utmost respect for human rights and lives, and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations.

This conflict, like any war, generates enormous human loss and tragedy. War has a severe impact on physical and mental health that affects multiple generations, and recovery will require decades.

More than a month has passed since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We have strongly condemned this brutal aggression against a sovereign country from the very beginning. It pains us deeply to see the devastation and death of innocent civilians, including children as well as military staff on both sides. Thousands have been killed or wounded, millions are fleeing the country, and the humanitarian situation of those who remain is deteriorating by the hour.

As part of an open, free, and international scientific community, we express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are suffering the consequences. Our thoughts are with the people affected who long for and support a peaceful resolution of this conflict. Our hopes for an immediate end to the aggression and violent operations in the Ukraine will never weaken.

As a business, we will fulfil all requirements of the sanctions adopted by the EU. We are suspending new business and sales into Russia and Belarus. These international measures reflect our values and common philosophy as a responsible languages partner. The t’works group does not have any employees or operations located in the Ukraine or Russia. Our support operations and development facilities are safe and operationally based in Western Europe. To protect our customers’ intellectual property, we have also shifted work to language partners outside of the Ukrainian territory. We aim to only collaborate with native language experts residing outside of Ukraine and Russia. The situation remains volatile, and we continue to monitor developments and will evolve or adapt our response as needed. In doing so, we stand with all those calling for an immediate end to this war, and we hope and pray for peace to return to Ukraine – and our world.

The t’works leadership team

t'works supports Uktaine