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Review from The Tool Box Journal

The translate5 Consortium of which t’works is a founding member, has received a positive review from The Tool Box Journal, a leading newsletter for the translation industry written by Jost Zetzsche an independent translator and localization consultant.

Already familiar with the translate5 system, Jost praises the Consortium as ‘an innovative collaboration’, which he believes to be the ‘first successful’ alliance of small and medium-sized LSPs. He highlights the cordial nature of the cooperation between the 10 language providers and is pleasantly surprised to find out that the consortium drew up its own contracts without the intervention of lawyers, unheard of in the US where he’s based.

Jost also underlines the ‘pragmatic’ set-up where each member of the Consortium pays a percentage of its revenue into a common budget for future investments, as well as the open-source nature of the translation management tool, which anyone can download and use.

He ends his article with ‘Somehow this story makes me feel kind of proud of our interconnected and creative world of translation’.

We couldn’t agree more.

The “Consortium”

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