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Our Group Enterprise Sales Manager

We are very happy here at the t’works group to welcome our new colleague Rodrigo Cristina, who has recently taken up his position as Group Enterprise Sales Manager.

With 15 years’ language industry experience principally in enterprise business development and strategic account management, Rodrigo is joining us to help drive forward our commercial strategy and will focus on growing the t’works brand and building new partnerships.

Rodrigo began his localization career at a Portuguese-based LSP before spending the last 8 years with 2 global multilingual vendors. He has a passion for everything localization-related and is a committed customer service champion who firmly believes that a company’s competitive advantage is its people. He is also a strong advocate for language technology which is, more than ever, shaping the language industry.

Welcome Rodrigo and we look forward to working together for many years to come.

Rodrigo Cristina, Group Enterprise Sales Manager by t'works