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3 Ways to Efficiently Manage Terminology

Managing terminology is a necessity in localization, but are you using the most efficient process for your team and company? In our experience, there are three basic ways to efficiently manage terminology for localization.

  1. Spreadsheets: Quick and easy to use, but spreadsheets are only suitable for managing one or two localization targets with a handful of company-specific technical terms. They also only work with a small team. Anything larger and more complex than that will create an inefficient system and introduce errors.
  2. Translation memory: Our translators use TM daily and work with translation and localization teams around the world. However, if your translation projects aren’t centralized, or other departments in your company, like HR, marketing, and support, can’t access the glossaries, your company risks presenting an inconsistent brand image.
  3. tf-term: Our in-house solution can be used by anyone in your company to define, manage and publish corporate terminology in just a few clicks. It acts as a single source of truth, and anyone in your company with the proper permissions can access it. This means that R&D, HR, marketing, support…really every department can access the same glossaries.

How Do You Choose the Right Terminology Management System?

Strong terminology management supports successful global branding, reduces translation time, and ultimately saves on costs. That’s why it’s important to select the right system for your needs. At t’works, we recognize that there is no single best solution that works in almost all translation projects. That’s why we work with you to figure out what solutions work best for you.

Which includes choosing the most efficient terminology management system for your team and your company.

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Translation and localization require in-depth, thorough knowledge of language, culture, industry, and software development, plus a firm grasp of your company’s brand. At t’works, we’ll help you prepare for your localization project—including selecting the right terminology management solution—so that you save time and money while increasing quality. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with software translation and localization.

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