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Happy holidays!

It’s been a challenging year to say the least. We have all had to face difficulties and hardships and for many, these are far from over. It is a year we will never forget and are anxious to leave behind.

But it is also a year when we have learned to look out for each other, to offer help to our neighbours, to put others before ourselves and to have hope in humanity. It has been a year for medical heroes and brilliant scientists and for optimism in the power of human intelligence to overcome the greatest problems.

Everyone at the t’works group is thankful for the partnerships, collaborations and friendships that have carried us through this difficult year, and we send out our heartfelt good wishes to you all for this holiday season. We are optimistic that 2021 will see a better year, a year of rebuilding and we look forward to us all emerging stronger together.

May 2021 bring you good health, happiness and success.

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