From a German powerhouse to a global brand

Geisenhausen, 29.07.2020

From a German powerhouse to a global brand: Ü-Werk, founding member of the t’works group, is rebranded and takes on the group’s name

The t’works group was founded in 2018 by Barbara Wohanka, who now successfully ventures on to integrate newly acquired agencies into the group. It comes as no surprise then that a name suited to the global ambitions is called for.

t’works is synonymous with the underlying concept of the group: identifying market players in the t’ranslation industry who boast a track record of delivering cutting-edge language services in their areas of expertise. These agencies then seamlessly work together as a t’eam, ultimately forming a one-firm firm that is diverse in its take on specialisation, while at the same time united in their effort to encompass the full range of language services that tomorrow’s global players need.

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