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Five Tips for Better Software Localization in 2021

We can’t believe that 2021 is around the corner. You’re probably chin-deep (or deeper) in finishing up 2020 projects and just as deep into planning global product releases for 2021. Localization does not have to be an inconvenient after-thought when it comes to scoping your projects and setting your budget. We have five tips to help you create an efficient localization process that also reduces costs.

Include Your Localization Partner from the Start

Your localization partner will help you create time-saving processes, suggest error-reducing software solutions, perform pre-localization testing to ensure text is free of character corruption and that line breaks and hyphenation are correct, and guide your world-class team as you work toward incorporating localization into your development.

Make Resources Available to Your Team

Resources can include your company glossary, style guide, and resource files. In addition, provide demo software and documentation related to the product as reference sources. Ask your localization team what they need to do their best job and then make those items available to them.

Devise a Communication Plan With Your Localization Partner

Should your localization partner speak to only one member of your team? Several? All? Where will you store your files so they’re not being shared by email? What software will you use to keep track of the project? What tracking system will you use to manage queries between the linguists and your product specialist? And for tracking software bugs?

Set your communication plan up at the beginning and train everyone on it. This should greatly reduce communication errors.

Scope the Project Together

Working on the project scope with your localization partner lets both groups chime in and clearly define what needs to be localized and what can be set aside. You know what you need to get your product out the door—how many languages/cultures, by what date, all of that—and we know how to work with your processes to help you reach those goals.

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