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European Day of Languages 2022

Getting to know the t’works locations across Europe.

The European Day of Languages is a celebration of the diversity of languages and culture across the European continent. This linguistic richness is something to be treasured and we should all work to preserve it.

At t’works we are incredibly proud of our diverse European origins and our 6 major European locations, where we work to enable cross-cultural understanding and which represent the very heart of our multilingual and multicultural European landscape.

We’d like to tell you a little bit about each of them.

European Day of Languages by t'works
t’works│ASI – Vienna

Vienna Language Hub – t’works│ASI

In Vienna:

  • We have specialized in multilingual business texts since 1973
  • We are experts in advertising, marketing and PR communication
  • We oversee complex financial reports in many languages
  • We are highly skilled at translating precise legal documents
  • We provide experienced interpreters for any business event.

Languages in Vienna

The official language of Austria is German (Austrian German) but Croatian, Slovenian and Hungarian are also recognised in some regions of Austria for autonomous population groups. In Vienna the local dialect is wienerisch and has very little resemblance to German.

Did you know…?

Vienna is the city of fountains with over 55 purely for decoration. The city’s drinking water comes straight from the mountains and is some of the cleanest anywhere in Europe.

Vienna is also the birthplace of the snow globe!

Schweinfurt Language Hub – t’works│Enssner Zeitgeist

In Schweinfurt:

  • We have been making interlingual communication happen since 1946
  • We reach all corners of the globe with hundreds of in-house translators in 26 locations (Check these numbers)
  • We specialize in the automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology and IT sectors.
  • We are experts when it comes to technical documentation
  • We provide customer-specific terminology, dictionaries and glossaries using our own in-house software solution

Languages in Schweinfurt

German is the official language of course, but the old dialect of East Franconian is also occasionally spoken.

Did you know…?

The area around Schweinfurt is famous for its excellent wines.

The inhabitants of Schweinfurt take the jokes made around the name with good humour, but no link has ever been made to pigs crossing a ford over the river!

t’works│Enssner Zeitgeist – Schweinfurt, German
t’works│Lexcelera – Paris

Paris Language Hub – t’works│Lexcelera

In Paris:

  • We are leaders in multilingual content creation for all marketing purposes
  • We are experts in translating brand identity to global markets
  • We use cutting-edge technologies to offer highly customizable solutions for website and software localization
  • We can assist with all aspects of international multimedia production
  • We offer a fast, round-the-clock global service

Languages In Paris

Metropolitan French, or Standard French, is the variety of French you will hear around the streets of this romantic and beautiful city. France’s strong links to Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia mean that Maghrebi Arabic is also commonly spoken in Paris.

Did you know…?

Our Paris office is close the Place de La Bastille where, in 1789, the French revolution began.

Fans of French literature can also pay a visit to the nearby Victor Hugo’s house, left as it was when he lived there and now a museum. Interestingly, Hugo was an incurable romantic and wrote over 1000 love letters during his life!

Berlin Language Hub – t’works│text&form and t’works│Prolangua

In Berlin:

  • We specialize in complex technical translation for all sectors
  • We translate large volumes of educational materials, particularly e-learning resources
  • We provide sophisticated SAP language consulting and translation services
  • We have a professional in-house studio for multimedia localization
  • We offer advanced terminology management and brand name checks

Languages in Berlin

Standard German is of course spoken in Berlin and is the most common first language in the European Union. Other frequently spoken languages in Berlin are Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Polish amongst many others.

Did you know…?

In Berlin and the surrounding area there are over 3,000 lakes, giving the city’s inhabitants plenty of options for a summer dip.

Berlin is said to have more museums than rainy days, with an average of 99 days of rain annually and approximately 175 museums.

t’works│text&form and t’works│Prolangua – Berlin
t’works│Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen and t’works Language Services – Giesenhausen, Germany

Geisenhausen Language Hub – t’works│Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen and t’works Language Services

In Giesenhausen:

  • We are experts in the translation of patents
  • We specialize in projects for governments, EU institutions and the European Central Bank
  • We offer translation and proofreading services exclusively for language service providers worldwide
  • We are known for our high quality simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services
  • We have our headquarters, the gateway to our global network of linguists

Languages in Giesenhausen

As well as the official language of German, the dialects of Moselle Franconian and Palatine German are also sometimes spoken.

Did you know…?

Giesenhausen is in a region of beautiful countryside in the west of Germany and is the perfect place for hiking, particularly in the mountains of the nearby Westerwald.

It’s a region renowned for its lovely wines and hearty food.

Lisbon Language Hub – t’works│Traductanet

In Lisbon:

  • We have been providing translation services to the European Union since 1985
  • We specialize in website and software localization
  • We offer expert SEO translation
  • We work in a large number of specialized areas including law, finance, pharmacy, engineering, automotive, telecommunications, IT, banking, tourism and more
  • We have an interpreting consultancy service to help you decide on the best type of interpreting for your needs

Languages in Lisbon

Portuguese is of course, the language of Lisbon. English is the most commonly spoken second language but 10% of people in Portugal speak Spanish.

Did you know…?

The famous Portuguese tarts called pastéis de nata were first made at the Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon in the 13th century.

Although popularly believed to be built on 7 hills like Rome, Lisbon actually sits on 8 hilltop locations.

With this breadth of expertise across Europe and our links to every part of the globe, t’works is well placed to handle all your language projects.

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 and have our own quality centre, ensuring our rigorous quality controls are second to none. Our highly skilled linguists work in their native language and all our team are experts in what they do.

t’works is a one-stop language service provider for thousands of customers worldwide and across all sectors.

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